Picture Courtesy of adesa.com

Picture Courtesy of adesa.com

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    leather seats definitely weren’t original on this base Caravan. My guess is the 11,500 is all the odo says because it’s been rolled back and that this is a chop-shop special, probably flood salvage or something with a redone interior.

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      I suspect you’re right.

      I owned a 96 Grand Voyager and 98 Grand Caravan. Leather comes only on the high-end cars.

      If it has a digital odometer, it is a 6-digit unit. The body control module (which my 98 had replaced) manages the odometer. The installer is supposed to enter the correct mileage upon replacement of the BCM, but an unscrupulous mechanic could do otherwise.

      The wheel covers look pretty good for their age, and they’re not aftermarket. Although I’m not sure they are correct for this particular trim level.

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