991 Picture Courtesy Brendan McAleer

991 Picture Courtesy Brendan McAleer

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  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    petezeiss - mike978, I actually admire the British as a global force for human improvement every bit as much as I admire America. But both our countries are, as the Limeys say, past it....
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    thelaine - @redliner Any comedy attempt is pretty much doomed. You just have to amuse yourself, which, come to think of it, is just what those pasty pommey panelbeaters are doing.
  • Re: 2015 Corvette Z06: Price Is Low, Weight Is Up, Stakes Is High

    cargogh - Well, it is still 325 lbs lighter than a GTR, which is good. Maybe for additional $30,000 they could have knocked off another 150...
  • Re: 2013-14 Honda CR-Z Receives HPD Supercharging Kit

    MK - As the former owner of an ’86 Crx Si….I get a little nostalgic seeing the handful of crz’s around but I can’t imagine buying...
  • Re: Myths and Legends: Lincoln Town Car

    87 Morgan - I think the Panther Love theme is misunderstood. I owned a CV wagon in college, loved it. One of the best cars I have ever owned from a cost of ownership...
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    redliner - I see what you did there. Too bad mike978 probably won’t.
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    petezeiss - Ai yai yai yai yai yai… *CHOP*!! There, done.
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    cargogh - I’ll drop a Hellcat in it, don a tux, and do proper burnouts for the Queen.
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    petezeiss - Argument Clinic: No it bloody well wasn’t!
  • Re: The Lagonda, Spied

    chuckrs - A bland competitor to the Porscherati Panaporte. A face in the crowd.

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