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Here it is, the first turbo Type-R.

The Civic Type-R will debut at Geneva’s auto show this coming week, with an all-new (for Honda) turbocharged 2.0L VTEC engine. Honda claims it will be the fastest front-driver to lap the Nurburgring. Let’s hope it comes to North America.


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33 Comments on “Geneva 2015: Honda Civic Type-R Spied...”

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    My assessment and/or Speculation:
    Type R turbo

    + Fastest FWD Car
    + Lots of power
    + Torque
    + More hardcore

    – Turbo Lag
    – Heavier Car
    – Torque Steer
    – Dynamics
    – More expensive

    ? Drivers car <= Fast Car ?

    Current car:
    + Compromised for street use
    + Responsive large lightweight NA engine
    + Very Reliable
    + Relatively affordable
    + sporty

    – Less HP than chassis can capably handle
    – Compromised for street use
    – Relatively heavy
    – Generic styling
    – dynamics
    – Not a sports car
    – Not Type R or SiR

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      1992 SiR: 2300lbs/170HP ~111 lb.ft = 13.5lbs/HP 20.7 lb/ft
      2000 Si: 2600lbs/160HP 111 lb.ft = 16.25lb/hp 23 lb/ft
      2014 Si: 3000lbs/205HP ~180lb ft. = 14.6lbs/HP 16.7 lb/ft

      2015 GTi: 3100lbs/220Hp 260lb ft. = 14.1 lbs/Hp 11.9 lb/ft

      2000 US Si: $17,500 msrp = $24,000 2014 money
      2014 Si = $24, 000
      2015 GTi = $26,000
      2015 Mustang V6 =
      Fiesta ST = $22,000
      Focus ST = $25,000
      WRX = $27,000
      ILX = $30, 000
      etc. etc. We have so many choices. E36M3, 240SX, Mustangs…..

      The extra 700+ lbs for me makes a big difference in handling, but a 3100lb car can still be awesome, with a good chassis, brakes, tires, engine, and suspension. A 2300lb Civic with 200+ Hp would be awesome, but for practical reason its no longer produced. Though any one with some cash could make one, or a Civic Type R.

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      spreadsheet monkey

      Everyone’s worried about the turbo lag and the torque steer, but this brief prototype test drive suggested that Honda have got them under control.

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      I bet it is using twin scroll turbo and has little lag at all. I don’t know much about honda torque steer solutions, but I hope they have a good one!

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    While I applaud Honda for trying to put something compelling out in this segment, I just can’t get over the look. It’s like something Peter Stormare destroyed in those Mk V GTI commercials. Even in SoCal, it looks 10 years out of date.

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    Dat a$$

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    This thing make a WRX STI look restrained and tasteful.

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    Should be able to drop in the V6 from the RDX! Now we’re talkin’!

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    The Si isn’t exactly cheap or great for what it is. If R arrives this side it should be below Golf/Focus in price & snatch some sales. My favs still the Focus even though it arrives closer to production end.

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    I am not sure we will see this car, but I think we will see this engine in the following forms/tunes:

    – Replacing the Accord/Pilot/possibly RDX V6 (obv in a lower state of tune)
    – Potentially being added as an option to the MDX
    – Replacing both engines in the TLX
    – Replacing the 2.4L in the Si (again in a weaksauce tune)

    Here’s where it’s most exciting for me:
    – Added as an option in the ILX with SH-AWD and the 8DCT

    I would seriously consider buying the last option.

    I don’t see the Euro car coming over as it would get killed in federalization. Would be easier to make a Type-R out of the USDM sedan/coupe.

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      “– Replacing the Accord/Pilot/possibly RDX V6 (obv in a lower state of tune)”

      Please God, I hope not! I want WEAPONS-GRADE TORQUE without lag, that will actually get close to EPA numbers, and will run for more than 100,000 miles before blowing its top; a blown t-charger is going to co$t more than any timing belt ever did!

      Honda fanboi bitching about this, as done by Ford, with bad memories of K-cars and TurboTimers! Guilty as charged!

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    Kevin Jaeger

    I suspect we won’t get this car in North America, but on the bright side now that Honda is actually shipping a car with a turbo in it we’ll get to hear from the Honda fanboys why this car will obviously suffer absolutely none of the downsides of turbocharging as done by VW or Ford. Obviously. Because Honda.

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    I’m not trained in business management, but I wish Honda would bring a car like this to the US. I realize that a car like a Civic Type R wouldn’t sell in big numbers, but I’d like to think a few thousand units would cover the costs to get it federalized. Simply having something like this at Honda dealerships would be a real treat for enthusiasts. Who knows — maybe it would be a screaming sales success?

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      If only an affordable fun and reliable RWD car could be made in smaller batches my Honda/Toyota. Used car market it is!

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      The sales from this wouldn’t cover federalization costs. There are articles on this for other cars.

      Put it like this- I think it was Aston Martin that couldn’t sell cars here profitably without getting exemptions for safety regs. If they can’t do it at $200-300K Honda def can’t at $30-40K.

      I’m more hopeful that we see the engine pop up in the US Civic Si/ILX with a mechanical LSD. That’s more profitable/realistic.

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    Mr. Orange

    A Honda Civic with actual usable torque. One of my biggest excuses for not even being bothered to care will now disappear😃

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      So true. As an ex-Honda owner that was biggest issue with my Civic and Prelude Si – no torque. While this car is over styled its just what Honda needs: a small, fun, sporty car… you know like they used to make in 80s and 90s.

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    Boeing called. They wanted to talk about that tail but couldn’t stop laughing.

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    Although way over the top, the styling cues are actually pleasing and not awkward at all like Subaru’s which take some time to grow on me.

    Should be an interesting car to keep watch on…….would be nuts to have this in the States!

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    Honda is flailing about in Europe with overpriced and unattractive vehicles. Their sales have been falling for years. They now have only a small 1.6l turbodiesel to haul around their vehicles including the CR-V and Civic. They persist in their system of not offering standalone options like the Europeans, don’t offer a choice of 3 to 5 powerplants, and so on and so on. That’s with an actual factory in Swindon UK with essentially zero lead times if they just pulled their fingers out and got on with it. Subaru is similarly clueless but don’t have a factory there.

    So now they trot out this Civic Type R, which has been an open secret for years as well, and think that sales will skyrocket for some reason. They sold fewer Civics in all of Europe than Canadians bought last year.

    If anyone at Honda had a few brains, surely it would be apparent to the most obstinate-minded Honda executive glued to the Honda Way as it is now interpreted and practised, i.e. badly, they could sell more of these new Civic Type Rs in a few weekends in North America than Europeans will buy all year. So naturally, they won’t.

    Don’t expect Honda to wake up anytime soon.

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      spreadsheet monkey

      “Honda is flailing about in Europe with overpriced and unattractive vehicles.”

      This is blunt, but true. In the UK, the CR-V starts at $33k and goes up to $52k for a fully loaded model, which is more expensive than a comparable Ford Kuga (Escape) or a Nissan Qashqai (Rogue).

      Ten years ago Honda was on a roll in the UK, with the seventh generation Civic and the Euro Accord (TSX) both selling very well, and being remembered for some excellent TV ads. These days, there’s hardly any advertising, no excitement around the company, and Honda seems happy to sit back and rely on loyal (mostly elderly) customers who will buy anything so long as it has an H badge on the front, but won’t be around for ever. Honda is really hoping the HR-V will sell well when it is launched, but they need to make sure they don’t get too greedy with the pricing.

      Even if the new Civic Type R fails to sell in huge volumes, it is important to give Honda an image boost in the minds of the buying public.

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    I don’t think the CAR is going to make it over to the US, but I do think there is a very good chance that the ENGINE will. This could be a Civic Si or even a new trim (SiR?)… Unless it’s particularly difficult to get the engine in the car or there are emissions issues, it seems a no-brainer to bring it over.

    It would certainly give Honda a competitor vs. some of the other makes – it could compete with the base WRX and easily pass the Golf GTI. An interesting proposition.

    Then again, maybe Honda NA has decided it doesn’t need to be exciting? We will see.

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    All I have heard over the past few years is how “un”sporty the Civic has become. I guess I applaud Honda for making this, but this is a very full segment and I don’t know if Honda has that kind of momentum.

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    It needs some stickers applied, then it’ll be ready for Auto Zone parking lot duty, parked next to the other similarly modified Civics and Galants.

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    Ack! Big grille syndrome — now on a Honda CAR! Yuck.

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    Just read some specs on this. 306 hp, but only a 7000 redline. 0-62 in 5.7 seconds. Quick, but I expected faster. 6-speed standard.

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      It’s not faster to 62 because it is going to struggle to put the power down. It probably has a better showing in the 1/4 mile or in passing situations where the car is already rolling.

      I really wish the 0-60 metric would go away. It’s an increasingly useless and irrelevant indicator of how quick a car is or isn’t.

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