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Aside from seeing another Hasbro IP cameo transform into a weapon of mass destruction, viewers at the weekend opening of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” may have also glimpsed the first Chinese vehicle to arrive in the United States in the near future.

Autoblog reports director Michael Bay chose Chinese brand Trumpchi to be involved in the latest film upon seeing its E-jet PHEV and asking if the PHEV could be used in said film. Parent automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd hopes the exposure will help them when (or if) they bring a few of its Trumpchis to the U.S. by 2015 at the earliest.

The first to be sent over via container ship is the GS5 SUV, which can be had in China for as low as ¥148,000 ($24,000 USD). Power comes from either a 2-liter four-pot providing 145 horses and 128 lb-ft of torque, or a 1.8-liter turbo-four delivering 174 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque. The SUV can either be had with FWD or AWD, and power can be processed through a five-speed manual or automatic.

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9 Comments on “GAC Hopes Transformers Appearance Means US Sales Next Year...”

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    #1 Transformers 4 was a 2 Hour and 40 minute long GM-Commercial. By the 2-hour mark, you probably have to run to the bathroom to pee or you’re complaining – like my girlfriend was about the length – and lack of Dinobots up till the last 30 minutes.

    #2 The 1986 movie was better than all Michael Bay’s movies combined. Unicron made a better Galvatron than mankind ever could.

    #3 The 1986 movie was an evolution of the cartoon. For the first time you see Transformers actually getting MURDERED and when you hear one of the characters say “sh1t” you’re like “oooooooo He said a bad word” since cursing wasn’t tolerated back then and “sh1t” was a 8/10 on the “do not say list”.

    This 2014 film had far more curses and F-bombs than I ever imagined a non-R-rated film could have.

    #4 I’m just happy to see that the Veyron Autobot KILLED all of those stupid, wannabe-faster-than-the-Veyron-Decepticons.
    the only thing that coulda’ made these battles better was having the Veyron decapitate a Decepticon that turned into a Venom GT. Then, these online losers could stop arguing about which one is “faster”. The Veyron SS is the world’s fastest, street-legal, production car. get over it.

    #5 This ugly little crossover looks like something Mazda or Subaru would dream up. Either way it probably sucks.

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      TV Tropes had a great line about how it would’ve been impossible to use the soundtrack from the 1986 movie with the 2007 Michael Bay live-action film:

      “You can’t cram that much AWESOME into one movie. The theaters would erupt in flames!”

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    Does the Trumpchi have a fake roof?

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    If the Chinese want to break into the US market, they’ll have to do what every single other upstart wanna-be new car-making country has done; offer REALLY good value for the money. A $24k sticker for something the size of a CR-V is not exactly an irresistible deal (of course, US pricing hasn’t yet been announced.) A super-long warranty like what helped Hyundai get a foothold here wouldn’t hurt either.

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    When Top Gear tested some Chinese cars (in China) three or so years ago, they made it sound like Trumpchi was the model name (of the red car they drove) and Guangzhou was the manufacturer. But this makes it sound like it’s a Guangzhou as overall maker, Trumpchi is brand and GS* is the model.

    *Toyota please sue them for the use of the GS moniker.

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    Ugh, this thing looks like a parts bin special from about 10 different cars.

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    Is it so truly hard for a car company to properly categorize a vehicle type? I know nothing about this vehicle but by looking at the picture I’m about 99% sure this is a crossover. You don’t see manufacturers try to sell cargo vans as SUVs, and their a hell of a lot closer to an SUV than a poorly executed car with a fancy lift kit and body curtains.
    Sorry I see this multiple times every month, I try to ignore it, but its ridiculous, to me it would be like VW removing the trunk lid and installing a drain hole on a passat and trying to sell it as a pickup.

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    This comes to mind.

    Blockbuster action films are getting more and more of their box office business from China/Asia. What better way to cater to that market than include product placement from that region of the globe.

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