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Perhaps you didn’t. But this one is worth watching from at least two angles.

This particular rally took place in Estonia, near the north shore. You can find out more about it here — but if the course is always like this, I might relax my no-rallying stance and give it a shot!

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10 Comments on “Did You Say You Wanted To See More Videos Of Cars Jumping Stuff...”

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    Two things about this really impress me:

    1) The driver landing a jump like that and immediately putting it into a smooth drift around the curve.

    2) That E36 apparently able to survive 1) without falling to pieces.

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    Very impressive driving.

    >>>That E36 apparently able to survive 1) without falling to pieces.

    I’d love to know how long these cars can endure that sort of driving before the front end needs to be overhauled.

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    Wow. Interesting that he saved the day by slamming on the throttle; not sure if that would be most peoples reaction, or mine.

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      He stabbed the throttle to rotate it clockwise into the right-hander. If you look closely, he flicked the wheel to the right and floored it. As it rotated, he counter-steered to the left. He landed on the entrance to a turn and immediately went into drift mode.

      But yeah, you can’t lift on the throttle when you have the back end gaining on you. You lift when you want it to rotate the other way. Then you stab the throttle again to sustain the drift. Like in the middle of an S-turn.

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    When I finally got a broadband internet connection back in the day, I spent waaaaaaaay too much time watching people jump cars on youtube… This was kinda impressive the way he saved the landing and then drifted it, but it’s by no means an impressive jump in itself. I’ve seen people get more height in an RV (then going to the hospital with back injuries, but, well, omelets and broken eggs)

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    Very well done!

    My buddy once jumped a Texas gate with a rental Chrysler. The jump was measured at about 40 feet. But when he landed the airbags went off, knocking his hands off the wheel and sending him into the ditch where he scratched the side of the car on some bushes. He didn’t spill his beer though. He drove back into town with the windshield smashed and the airbags hanging out, and came up with a perfectly reasonable story for it. There’s no reason the airbags should have gone off for such a minor impact anyway.

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