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Thanks in part to Toyota’s decision to relocate its U.S. base of operations from California to Texas, Tesla is now the former state’s largest automotive industry employer.

Bloomberg reports the EV automaker has over 6,000 employees so far, with plans to add 500 by year’s end. Meanwhile, Toyota has 5,300 employees in California, the majority of whom will pack their bags for Plano by 2017.

Tesla could end up doubling that number should California get the nod for the 6,500-strong Gigafactory, which would also place it far ahead of fellow tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

The major block in bringing the battery factory to California the high cost of doing business in the state, including industrial power rates and workers’ compensation, both of which are the highest in the nation. The Brown administration aims to fix some of this through tax credits for companies who maintain or add jobs in California.

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12 Comments on “Tesla Surpasses Toyota In Employment Numbers Among California Automakers...”

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    It’s no wonder why Detroit is in the state it’s in (and California is following).

    when you combine high taxes with tax&spend liberalism in a welfare state with open-borders, this is exactly what you get.

    Meanwhile TEXAS, a lower taxed, conservative, anti-illegal-immigration state is enjoying economic improvements and a growing economy.

    Businesses FLEE welfare states and go to states with pro-business attitudes – creating more jobs for everyone there.

    People flee states that tax their income and go to states that don’t – like Florida.

    TESLA should build in Detroit and California – a new wave of EV, solar charging and battery technology to sell to China, Africa and India. India and Africa will be slower to demand cars than China because the per-capita income is lower, but If you can’t stop those countries thirst for fossil fuels, then your green movement is an abject FAILURE.

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      Florida . I live in Florida and I’d rather pay more taxes then raise a child in Florida. Florida is filled with all those people that couldn’t make it in there own state or country. Crime and drug abuse/iv drug use is sky rocketing in Florida. And don’t even get me started on the healthcare or educational systems in Florida. Other then that your post was very entertaining.

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        You think thats the worst that can come from living in Florida ? Have a look at what life looks like there if god forbid you should wind up with Alzheimer/Dementia in your Golden Years as a Florida resident [ part or full time ] Not only is it hell on earth [ when they shove you into a State run facility ] But they’ll access your entire estate .. keep you there till they’ve bled your assets dry … and then let your family intervene and move you to the care facility of their choice .

        Hint ; Think twice before choosing Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate . He’s the one that enacted and/or extended the laws that allow Florida to bleed its senior citizens assets dry

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      BigTruck – TESLA should die a silent death once and for all ! Thats what TESLA and all Elons ventures should do

      By the way BigTruck ole bean . With all your rantings against Socialism /Welfare States / Subsidies etc .. some of which I do agree with …

      Why is it you keep cheerleading a company that in fact continues to exist specifically and only because they continue to receive so many US Tax Payer funded Subsidies/ Grants / Government Guaranteed Loans etc ? Not to mention the sale of each and every TESLA being subsidized in part by the American Tax Payer ! Of course I’m talking about TESLA and all Elon’s ventures in general . Has that very well known [ by anyone in the know ] fact somehow slipped by you ?

      Or is it perhaps yet another round of Righty Tighty Tea Party Hypocrite Syndrome coming to the fore once again because you personally somehow benefit from any success TESLA might have !

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      …Meanwhile TEXAS, a lower taxed, conservative, anti-illegal-immigration state…

      Wow. WOW. Have you lived in Texas.

      Lower taxed? As an aggregate – I guess. Their property tax rates are close to Sweden or Switzerland. Texas is the third worst state in the country for property taxes. Only New Jersey and New Hampshire are worse (New Hampshire by the way has no sales tax – read on).

      Combined state and local sales tax average in Texas is 8.15%, the 11th highest in the nation. California is 8th highest.

      To put this in perspective, all of the New England states enjoy lower sales tax.

      Texas ranks 11th for business taxation climate – but “liberal” states like Washington, and purple states like Nevada (going blue by all accounts) and Florida (red north, blue south) are – better. Liberal evil Oregon – is ranked 12th, just behind Texas.

      So Texas has low taxes. Well if you ignore sales tax and property taxes which are some of the highest in the country.

      Lower taxed? Well then California sure – but not by a landslide a lot of other states. The taxes in Texas are very high.


      Really? The state that gave us “no child left behind,” the state that mandates education classes and proof of gun use for a conceal carry permit? The state that does not permit open carry of guns? Have you been to the capital, Austin? More conservative than California? Well that’s not hard. Compared to Kansas – Texas is filled with a bunch of liberal hippie freaks.

      …anti-illegal alien…

      I about spit water all over my computer screen when I read this. By what measure. I lived in Houston 8 years. When I had my yard done a truck showed up with five people from south of the border. One spoke English, the others worked – and they worked HARD. Thirty minutes later my yard looked like a golf course. Price $30. My house keeper, the people at the car wash drying my car…the state is full of illegals and the “system” there generally turns a blind eye to it. The border along the Rio Grande is quite porous actually.

      I stopped reading at that point because you don’t understand Texas.

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        It’s always easier to rant and inflame with ignorant misinformation than to research and find out the truth. Thank you for an intelligent, accurate post.
        I have family in Texas, and find that it does not fit the stereotypes, just as California isn’t fruits, nuts and flakes, and Alaska isn’t bears and igloos.

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    I wonder why electric power rates and workers comp rates are the highest in the nation?

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      1) Electric rate – Because the State of California … for supposedly being one of the nations largest manufactures/producers and the greenest state in the Union . Buys 80% of its electricity from other States . California maintaining the ” Not in My Backyard [ power plants ] but in yours its Fine ” mentality

      2) Workers Comp – Because at its core California is for all practical purposes a wanna be dysfunctional Socialist State which productive and successful person/business winds up subsidizing . Which … is why anyone with half a brain and the ability to do so gets the hell out of California as soon as humanly possible

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    Yeah yeah ! More Hype & Hyperbole from the 21st DeLorean … the man and the machine !

    Here’s the TRUTH about Elon Musk and all his ventures ; He lies ! Constantly . Is better at manipulating the numbers than a Mafia accountant . Is more deluded than a 60’s Dr Tim induced hippie wanna be .

    Which is to say … as Steve Jobs so often did when the subject of Elon Musk ever came up .

    Trust nothing … especially the so called facts and figures coming from Musk on any of his ventures

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