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For those who opt to save $11,000 by selecting the 2015 BMW 228i Coupe over the M235i, a new Track Handling Package will soon join the options list to help bring the coupe on par with the M235i’s handling skills.

Though power will remain the same — a 240-horsepower four cylinder — Autoblog reports the package will enhance the 228i Coupe’s handling through BMW’s Adaptive M Suspension, Variable Sport Steering, and for stopping power, M Sport Brakes. A set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels aid in delivering the goods to the road.

The Track Handling Package will be available to 228i Coupes with either six-speed manual or eight-speed Sport Automatic transmissions beginning this July, and can be selected during the ordering process. Pricing will be announced closer to its showroom arrival.

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11 Comments on “New York 2014: BMW Debuts 2015 228i Coupe With Track Handling Package...”

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    After ordering the “Track Handling Package”, and whatever else may be tagging along with it, the difference will no longer be $11,000 between the two models. Probably more like $8,500–plus the M235i has quite a few standard features that the 228i does not. Not quite the savings you are touting.

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    Adjusted for the additional equipment, the M235i is only $5K more expensive than the 228i. Of course, if you don’t want all that stuff, the 228i can be a relative bargain.

    All of the features in the “Track Pack” are already stand-alone options on the 228i, I assume they are bundling them at a small discount. Hopefully they do NOT require you to get the M-Sport package to get it, I prefer the standard sport line. And you can’t get the M-Sport in Valencia Orange paint.

    A 2-series will probably replace my Abarth in 2016. Time to do another European Delivery!

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    This is definitely the best looking and most honest current BMW for sale, in my opinion.

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    Yeah yeah.

    Track Handling Package can be coupled with the automatic.

    Because when I think racing around a track, I think slushbox.

    That’s cute….

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      “Can be” is the key here. 6MT is still a $0 option.

      I once had an instructor at a Mid-Ohio DE who was missing his left arm. He drove the piss out of a slushbox’d Mitsubishi.

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    First new BMW I’m excited about in quite some time. Finally, a potential replacement for my E46 330Ci…

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      It will handle well but don’t expect the same ride quality as your current 330. New BMW products tend to have be a more nervous and twitchy suspension tuning than those of old – even once you dump the run-flat tires.

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        track package, doesn’t have run flats. comes with normal tires.

        if anything its a much lighter car.

        the n20 is 150 lbs lighter by itself . plus the 228i doesn’t force you to take the sunroof which is another 50 lbs.

        so thats 200 lbs of weight at least, and no runflats. could be a compelling package.

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        The Michelin Pilots are non-runflat.

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    Awesome. Bundle it into a 5 door hatchback, and they’ve got my order.

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