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The Maserati Alfieri will preview the next-generation sports car from FCA’s sort-of-exotic premium brand. Most surprising is the fact that Maserati eschewed the trend of turbocharged motors for the familiar 4.7-liter V8 engine with 460 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. Given the emissions and fuel consumption requirements that exist today, things could change.

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20 Comments on “Geneva 2014: Maserati Alfieri Debuts...”

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    Turbo 4.7L with 460 HP basically means this car is aiming to compete against the Mercedes SL 550.

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    The Ghibli is the real car Maserati should be focusing on. A 4-door with AWD that looks and feels different. Unfortunately, it’s way too expensive and you get less than you’d get with other German competition. Ventilated seats push the price wayyyy up and Adaptive Cruise Control isn’t even an option. I’m thinking that the Alfieri will only sell “GT” numbers.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Indeed. My city is getting a Maserati dealership, but I can’t imagine too many people ponying up for these cars and their Italian-ness.

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        And that’s a shame Kyree as it’d make your city that much more beautiful!

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        Cincinnati has a Maserati dealership, it’s combined with a Porsche dealership, which was previously Audi/Porsche.

        As a result, if you drive around a medium amount on the highways, you’d probably see a Maserati daily.

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          Here, I’ve seen 2! One was at a gas station and the guy was fueling up. As he did people started gathering around. He seemed like a nice guy, people were stting in the car and taking pictures. That fuel stop must have lasted a good 30 min.

          The other one, incredibly enough, I saw everyday for almost a year as the guy parked it in my building’s garage. Seems like he was dating a girl in the bldg. I took pics.

          Honestly, I see more Ferraris than Maseratis.

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            I see an old school 80’s one around Louisville from time to time, but none of the new models.

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      Yeah, the pricing on this car is beyond laughable and delusional. The S Q4 loaded up and still missing a ton of options found on its competitors will hit about $90K and that is still not everything. If you must have a Maserati and you can afford $90K, then why the hell would you not just go get the Quattroporte? If I want a modern, fashionable luxury sedan, I would much rather have a fully loaded Jaguar XJ sedan which is better in every single conceivable way. To be honest the Ghibli is not even that good looking.

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    Beautiful lines. Don’t change a thing on it.

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    Is this slotting below the GranTurismo?

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    This looks like a design worth of the Maserati name. The sedans just don’t do anything for me. With their bland designs, the only reason to buy a Maserati sedan over the competition is to have something less common. A valid reason, but not something they will build good volumes from.

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      Bland? The sedans are gorgeous. The competition pales in comparison.

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        Maserati in general has a bit of bipolar design. The front of the quattroporte is really hot but the back is such an old man’s look. It’s the classic Maserati rear and it looks dated. The granturismo doesn’t suffer from this as much but it’s there if you look closely enough. Doesn’t hurt that the V8 sounds amazing when the car starts up.

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        the sedans aren’t bad looking, but they are hardly exotic. Perhaps bland wasn’t the best word to use.

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    Drop dead beautiful.

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    Ay Am A Sperm Whale! I Will Eat You!

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    Not sure how I feel about the dental floss bicycle spoke wheels. : But the body shape is pretty hot. I think the Gran Turismo might be better looking already though.

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    At first glance I thought it was a BMW, it has a certain ‘Bangle’ vibe to it.

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