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Yes, exotics aren’t really the main draw for TTAC readers – discussions of Panthers, W-Bodies and the minivan versus CUV debate tend to get everyone going – but it’s nice to break up the monotony every now and then. Besides, where else can you find a naturally aspirated 610 horsepower V10?

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22 Comments on “Geneva 2014: Lamborghini Huracan Is The Vanguard Of The V10s...”

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    The SRT Viper will happily supply you with a 640 hp naturally aspirated V10 :-P. I’ve seen the promo videos for this and it is a gorgeous car. I think better looking than the Gallardo and that V10 sounds amazing. Will you give up the Aventador for this?

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    Well, it’s not my cup of tea, but I love it — just the sheer lunacy of it.

    It’s exactly what I expect from Lamborghini in terms of design, right down to the red start/stop switch that looks like it was ripped off the missile launch control on a nuclear submarine.

    Still, my recent favorite is the Gallardo LP550-2 “Balboni”. 500-some horsepower, six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive. I’ll never own one, but I love the fact that they made it.

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    Øyvind Birkeland

    V10 Triton swapped P71 Crown Victoria with a T-56 would suit all my naturally aspirated V10 needs. I think I have seen one online before.

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    At least it hasn’t got DLO fail! It’s verrrry pretty and exotic, just wish they’d ditch the chink in the hood line around the emblem. Doesn’t work.

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      Actually, I think it’s an interesting way of setting up the emblem as a focal point on an otherwise bare front end (which it has to be because:aerodynamics).

      The LED-ringed LED projector headlights are a nice touch, too. Both retro… with the horizontal layout suggesting the Diablo/Murcielago… and futuristic (LED LED LED) at the same time.

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    Put your name on the waiting list with the other 12 rappers that ordered theirs.

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    juicy sushi

    I don’t know what it is, but Lamborghini at some point after the original Gallardo seemed to change their opinion on styling, from gorgeous to “aggressive.” I get the fighter-jet look. But it just doesn’t have the same emotional zip of the Miura, Diablo and several others.

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    In the past 40 years, I think I’ve seen 2 or 3 Lambos that were NOT in city traffic.
    As long as people can see you in one is all that counts I guess.

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    Maybe you’re using the word “vanguard” in a way that I’m unfamiliar with – I don’t see how you see the Huracan leading the way for V10s. Maybe the last of the V10s, which is the exact opposite of what “vanguard” means.

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    I’ve wanted a Lambo since I was about 7….and still do. Their modern fighter-jet interior designs epitomize everything I want in an automobile. With the Gallardo and Huracan, the awesomeness is delivered in a package smaller, lighter, and more manageable than the Aventador.

    I *will* own one….one of these days….

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    It’s not that I don’t like and appreciate these cars, I do. But I’ll probably never own one and I don’t care enough about them to argue over them. Now, the Jag shooting brake, an E63 wagon or the Odyssey floating around out there on the Web that’s modded to over 1000 hp? Way more interesting because I might be able to attain one(in theory)

    I like my speed stealthy and a Lambo or most other exotics are anything but.

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