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 The folks over at picked up on a recent craigslist post that Chris Holmes, a founding member and guitarist for the 80’s hair band W.A.S.P. until 1990, is selling his “baby.” He will not be taking his 1987 Trans Am and has apparently already left the United States.

The 56 year-old is pursuing opportunities in Europe and while the folks at have a rather amusing take on that, we are car people. As such, we will focus on this rock-star quality ride.\

Last fall, TTAC covered Sir Mix-A-Lot’s infamous “Blurple” Gemballa 935 being offered to the public. This offering is in slightly inferior condition, but the price is right.


The seller believes this to be a high performance small block Chevy. It is not without issues.

“The car starts by turning on an electric fuel pump, then a switch starts the engine. It does sound pretty badass once it starts! There is a trunk key, but I do not believe there is a lock. The hood has to be propped up.”


The seller is admittedly not a car person and a little under informed as to the exact nature of the car’s mechanical state. But is quite honest is the description;

“Chris kept this car running piecemeal for many years.”


If not a little overly optimistic about the cars potential;

‘I have seen cars in worse condition turn out to be real showpieces. With some TLC, this car would finish out real nice”





Parties interested in owning $1500 of 80’s Hair Metal history should contact the seller via the craigslist ad.

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21 Comments on “Former W.A.S.P. Guitarist Chris Holmes’ 1987 Trans Am Can Be Yours...”

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    Time to play a rousing game of NAME THAT STAIN!

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    Apparently he drives like a beast, too.

    • 0 avatar

      Wow! That old Pontiac is hurtin. I like “Survivors” but that’s not
      the case here.

      There might be a potential “Rat Rod”??

      Myself? I think its the end of the line, for the old “F ” body. Another word that starts with “F” comes to mind. Sent her to the “U pull it” and then make a date with the crusher.

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    That’s an addict car if I ever saw one. I can smell the old tobacco and acrid BO/meth odor.

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    For 1500 bucks, it’s a steal… as long as the selling price includes the trailer it was usually parked behind.

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    Well, we know it was red in its former life.

    I wouldn’t give $300 for that steamin’ pile. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of detailing fresh repossesions, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a vehicle that bad.

    $1,500. Lol!

    Let’s hope he has one of his “good” days, and remembers to disclose that the Title Loan place has the title in their possesion.

    One quick inspection underneath the driver’s seat would likely find empty cans of Bud Light, various empty “baggies” and cigarette pack cellophanes, and one really trick souvenir Trojan Condom Wrapper, ripped open by a former W.A.S.P. band member/meth head’s teeth in the heat of passionate $20 sex with “Roxanne”.

    As an added bonus, you can surely find a handful of joint roaches in the ashtray next to a pair of joint clippers… score! Ask the healthy guy in the picture, he’ll tell ya:

    “That’s good sh*t, man…”

    By the way… just how in the hell does a door sill plate get broken?
    One can only imagine the various domestic disturbances that had taken place in said gentleman’s house trailer, which then spilled over into that poor T.A. suffering its share of abuses, as well.

    “Damnit! I hate it when she snorts up the last line!!” (Crash, bang, boom)

    “Damned useless Pontiac! Why don’t you drive the way you used to!” (Smashes dashboard profusely)

    • 0 avatar

      Lol. NAILED IT!

      This is exactly how I’d expect some washed up guitarist from a shitty 80s hair or metal band to end up.

      This is literally why stereotypes exist, and this one checks all the boxes!

      Too funny.

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    Maybe the local high school should buy it and tell the students this is why you should stay on the straight and narrow path

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    If anyone has ever seen the documentary “Decline of Western Civilization PT2: The Metal Years”, you know how much of a mess this guy was. Thus he doesn’t look like hes held up too well, possibly worse than his car even.

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    Forgive me if I was a little more excited when Groucho Marx’s 70s Cadillac Fleetwood limo showed on eBay a few years back.

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    I really liked the “Blind in Texas” song from WASP when I was back in high school. It was somewhat popular on the rock stations.

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    If this is how he treats his “baby” let’s hope he hasn’t procreated.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    At least most of the performers in other music genres maintain their autos.

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      There are many guys in hard rock and heavy metal with great classic cars. This guy is just a mess, so naturally his car is as well…He definitely spent more time drinking than driving.

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    Wait… let me guess…he thinks this car commands a premium over scrap because he owned it? Why is it even mentioned that Jimmy Page, I mean WASP guitarist whatshisname owned this piece of abused crap? Not quite like the punch of saying “owned by Steve McQueen”. Owned by recovering meth head. Nice.

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      He’s selling it for basically the same price as anyone else with a beat up F-Body.

      Probably a few interesting incidents happened inside that little thing though, for what its worth…

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    Knock off a zero from the price, and this could be well on its way to competing at Lemons as the Helldorado!

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    As a bit of worthless trivia, he was once married to Lita Ford. Maybe popped her in that back seat.

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