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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne announced this week production of the Maserati Levante SUV will begin at the automaker’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy beginning in 2015.

Reuters reports Marchionne also proclaimed the Alfieri introduced at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show could go into production within 28 months if FCA wanted to make it so, noting that “the platforms and motors are there” for the grand tourer, though no word was given on whether the Alfieri will join the Levante at Mirafiori should plans come to pass.

Regarding the financial health of Maserati, Marchionne remained optimistic for what the future holds, stating the Alfieri was “an indication of things to come” for the luxury brand. Maserati’s increased profits also signal a sea change for FCA overall as they prepare for Alfa Romeo’s re-introduction into the United States this summer.

However, an uphill battle still waits for FCA; while Maserati moved 15,400 units last year, the figure is far short of the brand’s goal of 50,000 units for 2015. The brand must also contend with the likes of Audi and BMW, emulating their successes with more affordable vehicles while also avoiding potential damage to its image.

Along with the aforementioned re-introduction, FCA is crossing its fingers that their two-prong strategy will pay off big by bringing the Italo-American automaker back in the black by 2016, surviving the economic storm in Europe that has all but battered the auto industry as a whole.

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9 Comments on “FCA Beginning Maserati SUV Production In 2015...”

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    I hope they can kick off production with a KUBANG!

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    So a Miata based Alfa dilutes the brand but this thing is OK. Got it

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      I think we’ve all pretty much accepted the inevitability of lame CUVs in “our” luxury marques. This one is at least RWD and derived from the very well regarded Durango and Grand Cherokee.

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    Because yes, this needed to exist.

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    I think this is a marginally acceptable idea. Keyword is marginal.

    Before we kick it down as useless, let’s remember that SUV’s have seemingly become the poster child for American families, although I believe I missed the part where they said that the Maserati SUV’s would be available here in The States…?

    Porsche did it with the Cayenne- granted, it was years ago (although reliability and the Cayenne did not go hand in hand, at least for the first models, not sure about the later generation).

    Cadillac did it with the Escalade. Too over the top and excessive for my tastes; nevertheless, they did it, and it has enjoyed its success.

    The Maserati Sport Utility is a bit gimmicky in my opinion; however, I can see Hollywood Elite picking up the first ones. Some of the upper crust households in extremely wealth-concentrated areas may follow.

    Why, you say?

    It’s a Maserati. That’s why.

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    Maserati’s been saying that they’re going to put this thing into production for 3 years, and then then they finally say it’s going to go into production in 2014, and now it’s delayed till 2015? And they wanna 50,000 cars in 2015? They MIGHT be able to accomplish that goal with the new Ghibli and the Lavante IF they actually put it into production.

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    this sporty-GT Alfieri concept looks like proper Maserati..

    but this .. this wil be the next nouvo-riche poseur car ..

    Por$ch started this stupid trend(shmancy-fancy SUV), and the rest will follow ..
    ..and yeah they’ll put diesel engine .. in Maserati !?! …

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    People too focused on cars often don’t realize what brands mean. A premo luxury brand sells *premo luxury cars*, not a certain type of car considered that in the past.

    For example in the past such a thing meant a large saloon, but it sure doesn’t anymore. Same thing with a lambo suv: still an outrageous exotic vehicle.

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