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The North American Car Of The Year for 2014 is the brilliant new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

So, if you were waiting for your Corvette purchase to be approved by a mostly faceless group of industry insiders (to be fair, I count about ten “shoes” in the group as well) then you can go ahead and place that deposit.

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7 Comments on “NAIAS 2014: Great Car Wins Meaningless Award...”

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    It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the headline this morning. Let’s see, GM has a new flagship truck and car this year, so they get the award. Anyone want to take the other side of the bet that Ford’s F-150 wins “Truck of the Year” next year?

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    The only “award” worth noting is the one I bestow with a check when I buy a new car. There will be a press release and a party. byob.

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    I agree the award is meaningless. That being said, I’d still go apeshit if my wife surprised me with one of these :-).

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    It reminds me of Woody Allen’s quip about Hollywood in the movie “Annie Hall”. Paraphrasing here: “All they do in Hollywood is give each out awards — and the winner of Best Fascist Dictator is: Adolf Hitler!”

    I still remember the 1983 Car of the Year, the Renault Alliance…

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    It seems tastefully restrained after looking at those Z06 images. It’s growing on me. I still haven’t seen one in person. No chance of that for another four months or so.

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    All Car Of The Year awards are meaningless. Memories of the Citation, Alliance and Prius come to mind.

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