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At Hyundai’s technical center near Ann Arbor last week, the company’s CEO John Krafcik told reporters that the Korean automaker will introduce new versions of its Sonata and Genesis sedans to the U.S. market in the first half of 2014. The company will also launch a hydrogen fuel cell powered version of its Tucson crossover, sold in Europe as the ix3d, and it is expected to be unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this week. The 2015 Sonata will likely be introduced at the New York auto show next April.

Krafcik also said that Hyundai plans to build 1,000 of the fuel-cell Tucsons by 2016, but if there is sufficient demand the company can build more. Acknowledging that fuel-cell technology is still in its infancy and “there’s no question the internal-combustion engine will reign supreme for some time,” Krafcik said that the company sees fuel-cell cars as potentially superior to battery powered EVs, with greater driving range and a shorter refueling time. Hyundai’s fuel cell announcement follows news that Toyota will be putting its FCV on sale in the not to distant future.


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6 Comments on “Hyundai to Introduce New Sonata, Genesis Models in U.S. in 2014, Fuel Cell Tucson To Follow...”

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    Hard to fathom Hyundai at the moment. They remind me of the kind of people you meet that, no matter what war story you tell, well they’ve done something way more outrageous. No matter who joins in the conversation, this grandstander always outdoes their exploits. No one can top their boastful exploits.

    Toyota has a hybrid, well so does Hyundai. Toyota has an EV, well so has Hyundai. Toyota has a FCEV, well so has Hyundai. Toyota has seven CUVs, well so has Hyundai. Toyota has some great engines, well so does Hyundai. And the Hyundais are always better according to them, they are legends in their own minds.

    Toyota has bland cars, well so does Hyundai. Toyota management slits its owthroats, well so does Hyun ….

    Hey wait a minute!

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    I could be wrong, but that Tucson looks like it’s been lifted

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