By on November 22, 2013
Officer Stark, Tony Stark

Officer Stark, Tony Stark


I hope you aren’t looking for any in-depth commentary here. Earlier this month, fresh on the heels of the Yas Marina F1 race, was the Dubai Motor Show. Held every two years it contains an entire bushel of drool worthy machines from the most exclusive and exotic of manufacturer’s, the Dubai Police department also had a display of some of their vehicles.



Certainly our imagination gets worked up about the thought of an Audi R-8 V10 running down a criminal mastermind in a poorly driven Aventador; but the reality is these are primarily a public relations tools like the D.A.R.E cars of your local municipalities.


undt now ia za tyme on shprokeets ven ve isuue a teekite

undt now ia za tyme on shprokeets ven ve isuue a teekite

But still, the idea of running down a baddie in this AMG Merc without spilling your cappuccino is certainly a pleasant fantasy isn’t it? Then drop the top for your parade after successfully rescuing the proverbial kitten from the palm tree.


Enough with this German trash! If I am going to pursue monstrous criminals, I demand a proper technologically advanced vehicle, and if it has Burgerkingring credentials all the better. Behold, Godzilla, officer of the law. My local Abu Dhabi police force also has one of these.



I like AWD, but I cannot bear the thought of a true exotic being chased by a Datsun. Well then this Ferrari is probably more to your liking.


Special thanks to my new British friend Jason Rueben who snapped these shots and spared you from more of my iPhone interpretations.





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