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Fiat debuted the Ottimo at the 2013 Guangzhou Auto show. The five-door hatchback is based on the same platform as the Dodge Dart and Fiat Viaggio sedan and it will be assembled alongside the Viaggio by the joint venture between Fiat and Guangzhou Automobile Group, doubling production at that plant in southern China.


The Ottimo will be priced near 100,000 yuan (~$16,400). In addition to the hatch in the back, the Ottimo gets a more aggressive front end than the Viaggio, though the interiors will be more or less identical.

Don’t expect a Dodge version, though Fiat is said to be working on a Viaggio based crossover/tall wagon that will be introduced next year in both Fiat and Dodge variants.

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22 Comments on “2013 Guangzhou Auto Show: Fiat Ottimo, A Five Door Dodge Dart, Debuts...”

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    Rumor has it that this car is making its way to Brazil soon. The reaction has been very mixed. Most specially point to the back and say its too Asian and will not appease those who are into Italian cars. Another example of the drawbacks of globalization. A car that could be received with open arms in Brazil, might not, because the design was made with another market in mind. Oh well.

    That greenhouse also looks straight from the 90s.

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      Won’t it have to be built in Brazil? There’s the possibility the rear could be tweaked for the Brazilian market, especially if it doesn’t sell. VW had no problem with Brazil-only variants of its beetle-based models. Your comment about that asian-looking rear end makes me wonder what Toyota, Nissan and Honda are doing there, or did you mean Brazilians who buy an Italian car expect all-Italian design from front to back?

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        It can be imported, but tariffs etc. would put the price too high. So probably it would be built here. You know, it’d be a good idea to tweak the back for us, if inteenet comments are anything to go buy. Everybody here is calling the back ugly.

        Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai are picking up here but they compete in higher price brackets. The Etios, Toyota’s foray into the lower price brackets, is a relative failure, and the Hyundai HB20 is slowly loosing steam. The gov took care of Nissan’s March. Similar to ToyoHonda there, the go to guys here, specially in small cars are VW, Fiat. It will take a long time for them to break into that.

        And quite frankly yes, Italian car lovers here expect their Italian cars to look Italian.

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    A 2008-12 Impreza with a better front end.

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    5 door Dodge Dart? More like a Fiat-badged Alfa Giulietta.

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    That’s onde ugly butt. Current Bravo looks a lot better.

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    It strikes me that the panel gaps look large, and it seems a bit dated already. The front end reminds me of a Rover for some reason, and they’ve been gone since 05.

    Seems to me it wouldn’t sell well here anyway, given it’s to be produced in China.

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    bumpy ii

    Isn’t this supposed to be the Chrysler 100 in NA, or did that get dropped?

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      The Chrysler 100 hasn’t been killed yet. As long as it’s technically alive, Sergio’s men can use Chrysler money for development and put out Fiat/Alfa versions. Until the merger, that’s the easiest way to use Chrysler cash to rebuild Fiat’s product lineup.

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    A Dart hatch for NA couldn’t hurt things. It’s like a CUV!

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    Good looking hatch, now if only Dodge can put a decent engine in it.

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    A greenhouse with decent windows is something I’ve long awaited, too bad we won’t get it in the US without high heels under it.

    That aside, I see panel gaps and exposed studs on the back, I’d only excuse such shoddy craftsmanship if they called this the “Dodge Omni”, at that point I can at least say “Its heritage”.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Dodge platform? I remember reading that Fiat dictated which platforms were going to be used by Chrysler.


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    With the Dart being less than a stellar success here in N.A., I don’t understand why Chrysler wouldn’t add this body style to the Dart line-up. The Focus and Mazda3 hatches are very successful, certainly the Dart could use the added sales. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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      The Dart would have been more of a success if the intro hadn’t been botched by underpowered engines and lack of auto transmissions. It’s relative roominess, handling and styling were done in by the “too slow, no auto” label. Poor first impressions can be deadly.

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