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2014 Toyota RAV4 Exterior, Picture Courtesy pf Alex L Dykes

Toyota remains the number one auto maker by volume, but the gap between it and its main rivals is closing quickly.

Just-Auto reports that Toyota sold over 7.4 million units between January and September, with the majority of the sales coming from the United States as other markets (China and Thailand) choose other offerings in lieu of a Hilux or Corolla. Pulling up just behind the leader are General Motors with 7.2 million units, and Volkswagen at just 7 million.

Aside from maintaining its lead, Toyota is set to pull in a record annual profit by the end of March 2014, whereupon an army of Hiluxes will deposit approximately $24.4 billion at their local bank branch drive-up, beating its own record back in 2008.

The cause? A weaker yen at home leading to huge profits in export markets such as the U.S. In fact, exports to America from the Land of the Rising Sun rose 9 percent compared to 2012 at this point in time.

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16 Comments on “Toyota Still No. 1 In Global Sales...”

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    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of fleet vs consumer sales. Around here, the new Toyota’s are a rare site. It would be interesting to see the consumer only numbers.

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      we live in different bubbles. I see new Toyotas, Lexi and Scions all over.

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        Out here in Wyoming, pickup trucks are the most common vehicle, y’all!

        Seriously, out here, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the 2014 Corolla. A few RAV4’s are out here. Lexus does alright, but not Scion or the Toyota cars. Now, trucks are another story- there are at least a couple of newer Tundra’s wherever you look.

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          I’ve seen two 2014 Corollas in the wild so far, both S models. One in CA the other in WA. Like so many other cars, they look better in person.

          I am seeing WAY more Toyota products on the rental lots when I travel then five years ago. I would love to see fleet data including “fleetail” for the Prius in particular. With the death of the Panther they appear to be the taxi of choice – everywhere. Drivers tell me they like them (Prius) but they don’t last to 300K or 400K miles like ‘ye ol’ Panther.

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    So I’m thinking that this look at numero uno is to gauge long term competitiveness Right?

    Since it would be too much to get global sales by model, fleet, incentives, etc. then perhaps the next best route would be to look at volume and EBIT (operating profit) trends to get a better idea of competitiveness.

    Let me see what yahoo finance says

    So this is just a static look (no trends):
    Toyota VW GM Ford Nissan Honda Peugeot
    Valuation Measures
    Market Cap (intraday) 206.31B 113.49B 51.45B 68.51B 43.25B 72.60B 4.43B
    Enterprise Value 345.11B 200.76B 51.81B 151.83B 145.94B 123.26B 35.19B
    PEG Ratio (5 yr expected) 0.34 0.17 0.62 0.73 0.91 0.63 -0.1
    Enterprise Value/Revenue (ttm) 1.19 0.79 0.34 1.04 1.18 0.94 0.5
    Enterprise Value/EBITDA (ttm) 9.49 7.85 6.56 13.81 10.27 10.4 18.29

    Most Recent Quarter (mrq): 30-Jun-13 30-Jun-13 30-Jun-13 30-Sep-13 30-Jun-13 30-Jun-13 30-Jun-13
    Profit Margin (ttm): 5.41% 9.07% 3.67% 3.90% 3.62% 3.48% -8.50%
    Operating Margin (ttm): 7.54% 5.77% 1.39% 5.24% 5.25% 5.23% -1.11%
    Management Effectiveness
    Return on Assets (ttm): 3.20% 2.38% 0.85% N/A 2.66% 2.61% -0.54%
    Return on Equity (ttm): 11.11% 23.76% 13.54% N/A 10.01% 7.70% -43.87%
    Income Statement
    Revenue (ttm): 289.95B 253.74B 152.84B 146.35B 123.59B 130.58B 70.36B
    Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 13.70% 8.50% 3.90% 11.90% 4.50% 16.30% -3.80%
    Gross Profit (ttm): 36.35B 46.35B 10.38B 21.67B 24.41B 26.89B 10.37B
    EBITDA (ttm)6: 36.35B 25.56B 7.90B 10.99B 14.22B 11.86B 1.92B
    Qtrly Earnings Growth (yoy): 93.60% -50.00% -23.40% -22.00% 13.50% -7.00% N/A
    Balance Sheet
    Total Cash (mrq): 46.15B 31.55B 24.20B 25.74B 8.73B 14.48B 12.98B
    Total Cash Per Share (mrq): 29.13 13.56 17.48 6.53 2.08 8.03 37.93
    Total Debt (mrq): 186.97B 125.09B 26.75B 108.23B 63.89B 66.27B 43.70B
    Total Debt/Equity (mrq): 108.58 115.58 68.58 553.64 120.05 94.83 353.13
    Current Ratio (mrq): 1.1 1.03 1.3 N/A 1.69 1.29 1.06
    Cash Flow Statement
    Operating Cash Flow (ttm): 35.30B 12.73B 9.88B N/A 6.23B 11.80B 3.05B

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    Volt 230

    With Ford’s recent horrible showing in CR surveys, Toyota and Honda both should see their numbers rise, specially in the US

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      Even if Toyota does not overtake Ford in US sales, Toyota remains a better choice than Ford, especially for people who are not GM or Chrysler fans. Ford is innovative but still has issues. I doubt Ford will ever regain those former customers who left the fold because of those issues.

      There’s a reason why the Camry remains a best seller, in spite of it’s dreary design, drab interiors, and quality issues. And there’s a reason why the Tacoma left the Ranger, Canyon/Colorado and Dakota in the dust.

      Surprisingly, I found several people I know who used to drive 1987-1999 Camry who have switched to Subaru. Some have told me that the new Toyota products simply are not on the same level as the old, imported Toyota products of yesteryear.

      And since all cars, even imported Toyotas, will eventually wear out and can no longer be maintained in a manner that is economically feasible, maybe these people are on to something since Subaru offers decent quality, a unique AWD sure-footedness, a high resale value, and a viable alternative to Toyondasan.

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    Expected, At the beginning of the year it was clear that unless huge happens – like tsunami earthquake in 2011 that Toyota is going to be No.1. After 9 months – global sales

    GM – 7.25m
    VW – 7.18m – including MAN,Scania

    I think next year or in 2015 Toyota may loose it´s No.1 spot, because US market has it´s big growth behind, i mean now those growth YoY sales will be more modest than last yers when always at least 1 million bigger sales were in US. Japan, Thailand numbers will be about the same, Europe starst growing by few % very modest growth in next years, South America is also not expanding rapidly so the differnce will be China and VW, GM are there 3.5x so big like Toyota.

    So i expect in 2015 maybe the list goes as VW No.1, than GM 3rd Toyota – but a lot of things can happen, maybe ASEAN will grow much faster – Toyota as biggest player there will benefit most in total numbers.

    i think for 2013 it should end up something like Toyota-9.9m, GM 9.65m, VW 9.6m so if we assume China will play much bigger role maybe in 2015 i can see all 3 carmakers around 10.5m – 11m with VW being No.1 thanks to their position in China, rebounding Europe

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      You are ignoring market momentum.

      My bet won’t be placed on VW. They will just falter. They don’t have good new products for developed countries and they don’t have good potential new markets at the moment.

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        I am not ingoring anything just how i wrote down, CHina will be to big in next 2-3 years the growth will be mostly from CHina with South America growing little bit, Europe rebounding slowly, Japan probably should stay at those same numbers and US will grow slower, which developed countries are you talking about? Japan is basically closed market,e ven so VW group is biggest importer there, in US VW will never be major player and in Europe they are biggest and will grow with region. Developing countries will decide this race for No.1 and in next 2-3 years i can see just China be growing in total numbers so much that it will be relevant – India is still small player in global sales numbers – also their market is limited for foreing players with Suzuki, Hyundai and domestic manufacterers controling about 80% of the market – with GM, Toyota, VW and others battling for small pieces.. ASEAN has potential, but Thailand already is huge and they won´t grow much beyond those 1.3-1.4m of today´s numbers and Toyota is loosing share there actually. Only bright spot is Indonesia, but GM is entering there and others will try to wrestle market share from Toyota which has about half of market with Daihatsu and Hino. Midle east and Africa are still small markets even with Toyota being No.1there. So in total numbers it will go down to China – for example if Toyota will sell 250 k more in 2 years, VW can sell 800 k more – that is difference 650 k for VW group – that´s why i am saying i can see them all 3 in 2015 sell similar number of vehicles with VW probably being No.1thanks to China.

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      what happens when Toyota adds Subaru to its tally? It wont be pretty.

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    Toyota has improved their cars quite a lot starting with the 2012 Camry. No wonder they’re the sales king.

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      Toyota basically did what GM should have done in the ’80s. They realized they had sacrificed quality and experience for profit and volume, and have aggressively worked to turn things around.

      And it seems that GM might be finally learning from their example. I hope they are successful.

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    I really don’t know why anyone would rate the size of a car company based on units sold. GM and VW, and to a lesser degree Toyota, build a LOT of vehicles in China BUT with a Chinese partner. Those sales should only count a half or a third in their totals. Why wouldn’t gross sales be a better marker?

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    Toyota is a company with mass amount of cash. The recent 100+ million dollar recall/law suit fines paid in cash was nothing for them. The exchange rate between the Yen and Dollar, for one example, can add millions to Toyota’s profit in a single day. Regardless, Toyota has the ability to pay its employees for many additional years even if they would close its doors.

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