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Styling from a Billy Joel song...

Styling from a Billy Joel song…

What you see above is a picture of the Chinese “Dong Feng 21D,” or “DF-21D.” A new Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile being produced and fielded by the People’s Republic of China.

There is as to the true abilities of the missile, but it is being presented as a drastically capable anti-access weapon. More commonly we would think of this as stand-off weapon, primarily designed to target and destroy aircraft carriers, a distinct advantage of our nation’s military. Despite my chosen profession, I am not intelligence expert. I did speak with several unnamed sources. A pilot friend with a particular resemblance to from Rocky IV was quoted as saying “Wow, that IS a big dong and I wouldn’t mess with it!”

But the reason I have this here is to point out a key characteristic which might prove this isn’t a weapon system to be toyed with; whitewalls.

For those who don’t remember, whitewalls were THE symbol of excess in the 70’s and the statement of style in the 50’s and 60’s. As a result in of our nostalgia, they have made a specialized comeback.

It is worth noting that rubber in its natural state in white, and carbon was added to the tires to give them a clean appearance. So at the introduction of the automobile to our society, whitewalls were considered a sign or lower economic status.

t could be argued that the tires for this vehicle are un-dyed rubber and my mockery is unfounded. But that seems contrary to the camouflage of the vehicle. Moreso it seems to be the same level of posturing as the vehicles that would turn blocks in Red Square after changing number to give the appearance of more weapons than they actually had.

Done for style or no, one thing is for certain, the Chinese are certainly learning how to make an entrance. So it is not entirely without basis that I see them rollin’

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40 Comments on “China’s Latest Military Weapon…on Whitewalls....”

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    Needs baby moon hubcaps and trim rings to complete the look…

    FYI the picture makes it look like it came out of my Tonka collection circa 1985. God Dad would get P’O’ed when I would mess up his gravel driveway with my equipment.

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      The tires are to keep your mind off the missiles which are one of the best value propositions in military history. A lucky hit with one of these elatively cheap missiles can knock out a 5 billion aircraft carrier

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    a sign or lower economic status.

    There is as to the true abilities of the missile

    particular resemblance to from Rocky IV

    You got a LOT of tech edits to make in this homez.

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      ++ Yep, the text version of a bad cellphone call.

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      Despite my previous grammatically challenged entries, what happened was actually a technological glitch. I have already submitted a revised version to the EIC.

      When that version is published, I will have no excuses. Thank you for catching this. What I think happened is my hotlinks dropped in the conversion from Word to publication, and had you not caught it, it would have showed up as my typical moronic meandering posts.

      I don’t mind looking stupid, but I hate embarrassing this website. I promise I am really trying to be above this kind of amateur hour nonsense, but Jack and Derek have real jobs and lives and they can only do so much.

      Thanks for honest feedback, I really do appreciate it. I spend way too much time apologizing for my lack of professionalism here, and I sincerely hope you see this as my shortcomings and not a reflection of TTAC.

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    I feel for the junior enlisted private who gets issued a Brillo pad and bottle of Wesley’s and told to square away the dong wheels for inspection.

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      Actually those are painted on. I knew a guy who used to attend the Russian May Day parades and he told me days before the parade they would have Private Schmuck out there with white latex paint painting the pimpwalls on. Ah, the good ole days around the Kremlin.

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    I’ve been looking for whitewalls for replacement tires on my 2002 Grand Marquis. They are hard to find, and if you do, they are “white stripe”.

    I could go with Vogue tires (who invented the whitewall for use on limo’s in the 1920’s), but they are not exactly my style, nor meet my personal need for cheapness.

    Whitewalls today are either way too narrow, or way too fat. Where is the “just right?”

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      I think the early-mid ’60s cars had the happiest medium for whitewall width.

      And I think some of those would look just killer on a black ’14 Impala.

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        Ha. Reminds me when I bought my fairly loaded 2007 Impala LT3. My elderly father-in-law who has never owned a car that didn’t have whitewalls (currently a 2007 Town Car)said ” you spent all that money on a car and didn’t get whitewalls?”

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          Heh… I remember being a kid and thinking how cool cop cars and stripper models of regular cars looked ’cause they had blackwalls and dog dishes.

          Still love that look, although whitewalls have their place.

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        This. I like “inch whites” the best. I have them on my ’63 Tbird and they look just right.

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      It’s not a perfect answer, but how about whitewall inserts? I had a set on an old VW bug back in the day and they looked pretty cool.

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        I think J.C. Whitney sold those…


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        I remember those. In the ’50s they were 4 inches wide, but in the ’60s were 2-1/2 to 3 inches. The problem was,they attached to the wheel, with a ring of black nearest to the wheel to place the white ring where it belonged. After they softened up, they’d flap-and-slap in the wind at speeds over 40 MPH. It sounded like you were running your car on beans.

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    OTOH , some folks really like wide white walls , always have and always will .

    Why not dress it up a bit ? the peasants are paying for it , not the politburo .


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    Carbon is added to tire rubber for performance reasons (primarily wear), not appearance. And if I’m remembering correctly, talc is used as a filler instead of carbon for white sidewalls.

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    Needs fancy 22″ rims.

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    Showed the picture to my cat and he said:

    “o long dong

    o long dong feng

    o dong piaaaaa-no.”

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    I don’t like the look of Anything military with Chinese labels on it! Have we forgotten Korea, and the fact that these guys pretty much have about 10,000x the manufacturing capacity that we do at this point? This just isn’t going to end well.

    That said, raised white letters would be the coolest.

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    Sharp! And a carbon tire/titanium rim option for traversing the volcanoes in Beijing causing all the pollution!

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    Memo to the Chinese military:

    Camouflage is supposed to ‘hide’ your presence. Whitewalls don’t exactly help in that sense.

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      Do they have to? When the time comes, they’ll be able to build about 6,000 of these before we can figure out where to build one! They’ll probably paint ’em Roman Red and do up the missle in chrome in honor of the patseys who gave them their capacity and technology.

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    Even I don’t write that badly. Is editor an honorary title at TTAC all of a sudden? That was painful.

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      I mentioned above, I am really sure it was a technology glitch. I am truly sorry and a better version has been submitted.

      Please, if you are considering submissions, do not use me as a yardstick. This is a great site and viewer submissions are one of the reasons why.

      If I am allowed a revelation of the sausage making, my submission process was recently upgraded. Despite a lot of Bertrel hate, he fixed a lot of my mistakes. The current powers that be simply don’t have time for that and have placed that responsibility on me, along with a liberal amount of trust.

      I enjoy my feedback and I promise I really work at this. Again, my links dropped from the Word to publication process, and while that is no excuse, it is a reason.

      Petition to ban me, but please don’t judge TTAC by my shortcomings.

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    You’d need alot of SOS pads to clean those :) When my parents had cars with white walls, I always got stuck on tire cleaning when we washed the cars.

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    I wonder if the PLA also sprung for a new set of speakers?

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    So if someone opens their door wide and hits your dong, does that make it a “Ding Dong”?

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    I was always a big fan of whitewalls on vehicles. I had some tires put on an old mid-80s truck and the tire guy put the whitewalls on the inside of the wheel. He simply didn’t understand why I would want the whitewalls on the outside of a red truck with very little chrome to break up the overall appearance. We had a massive difference of opinion about the whitewall look.

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    This is almost exactly the Jokers and Lex Luthers ride in Lego Batman 2.

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    That thing needs some swangas.

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    Ummm.. seriously? It’s for a parade. The soviets and cubans use to paint the MISSILES THEMSELVES white.

    Even our armed forces use to paint white letters and numbers on camo or OD vehicles.

    the Chinese military is known for copying/reverse engineering/simplifying and mass producing hardware and making it cheaper for their own use and export.
    NOT for their styling cues… (they only copy the soviets or the “cooler” asian countries like Japan, Korea, etc)

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