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The  Mégane Renaultsport that our E.I.C pro tempore liked so much is going to get a new look along with the rest of the  Mégane lineup. The idea is to harmonize the Mégane, one of Renault’s core models, with more recently introduced cars like the Clio, to strengthen brand identity. The changes include the larger grille that is used on the company’s latest models along with a new bumper, hood and elliptical headlights.


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31 Comments on “2013 Frankfurt Motor Show: Renault Megane Line Gets Facelifted...”

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    It’s a real shame Americans don’t get to put this car on their shopping list.

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    Reg; “It’s a real shame Americans don’t get to put this car on their shopping list.”

    It is at times like this, that I wished I had bought that old shack/villa near Nazar’e, Portugal, and built a nice garage for some of the cars I can’t get here. Most would be French or Italian, though, a lowered and worked Merc 280 SE-3.5 coupe would have to be part of the collection.

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      Big Al from Oz

      If you like the French and German cars watch the original version of Taxi that was filmed in Marseille.

      I can’t remember the Mercs in the movie, but it was quite a good movie.

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        Johannes Dutch

        Mercedes W124 series 500E sports sedan, the result of a cooperation between Mercedes and Porsche.

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          Those are easy to find in America on opposite day.

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          Yes, that would be a good rig for high speed continental travel, but for over there, I would have to track down a late E60 AMG.

          But, if I were to spend any significant time over there, an Audi RS sport wagon would get the nod for utility use and continental leaps, with an early NA 1.6L MX-5 for daily use, just like I do here.

          It has always irked me, that some of the great long roofs available in Europe, never cross over to NA.

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        Well, I just like cars, no particular affinity for any, except maybe Maserati’s, Jaguar’s, BMW’s, Opel’s, Merc’s, Porsche’s, Ruh Noll’s, Auburn’s, Packard’s, Cadillac’s, Lasalle’s, Buick’s, Oldsmobile’s, Studebaker’s, AMC’s, Chrysler’s, _ _ _ _ _, _ _ _ , _ _ _

        Thanks for the heads up on that Movie. I see a lot of great old cars late night on TMC.

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        Are you talking about that crazy movie that a had a taxi with James Bond/Inspector Gadget gizmos all over it? That movie was on a flight from London to Dallas once and I could barely watch it because it was too silly.

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    It’s hard to tell from the pics but I’m not sure I like the styling. It’s got that weird, artificially high hood. It looks like a Honda. I liked the one two generations ago that looked like a squat Aventime. The 4-door not the 2-door.

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      The hoodline is probably driven by the Euro fixation with shaping cars that pedestrians can bounce off of. Not so bad. I do wish they would consider bringing their product to the US. They’re just different enough that they’d sell a few. The European market isn’t going to improve any time soon, an extra market couldn’t be a bad thing. Why not share showrooms with Nissan dealers?

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        Because the last memory of Renault people have here is the Alliance and Le Car. Oh, and subsequently the Eagle Premier/Dodge Monaco.

        It wouldn’t go over well at all.

        Citroen on the other hand, nobody remembers when they were here because it was too long ago.

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    Dirk Stigler

    These strike me as being very attractive modern Volkwagens — just swap out the Renault logo with the VW, and voila, a Golf with styling that references the original without being a Challenger-like throwback to it.

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    Reg; “Boy talk about gluttons for punishment.”

    If you can’t appreciate the unique flavor of Renault’s, Citroen’s, and Peugeot’s, your really missing out, and your gear head cred is… suspect. Take another look, or wrangle a drive in an old or new, French car.

    In the early seventies I acquired several nice new European_German/English cars, but the ones that I really wanted were a Citroen SM and the Renault Alpine.

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    I love cars as mobile art. With that said, I’d love a Megane RS or Citroen DS3 for myself and a DS5 for the wifey. French cars still have that Gaellic funky pop-art styling. Even here in middle-America OKC I see artsy types driving around in Deux Cheveaux’.

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