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A surprise announcement from Renault early this morning, with the firm announcing the departure of COO Carlos Tavares. According to Renault, his departure is effective immediately, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that his resignation comes as a result of a “negotiated agreement”. Weeks ago, Tavares mentioned that he felt it unlikely that he’d ever assume the top spot at Renault, suggesting that he could be CEO of Ford or GM instead.

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5 Comments on “Carlos Tavares Out At Renault...”

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    “…suggesting that he could be CEO of Ford or GM instead.”

    Just the other day I was considering how I wouldn’t be a VP at 3M, so I’ll just be one at Bosch.

    What kind of entitled jerk is he? No US company is going to hire a former French auto guy anyway. Plenty of American auto professionals in supply.

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      I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Tavares. He may have a fairly big ego but then most top executives do. He could potentially bring a lot to the table at either GM or Ford, for example.

      This is worse for Renault-Nissan, who now has lost two Ghosn lieutenants. Throwing away home-grown talent is rarely a good thing.

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    I’m going miss Bertel’s hilariously out of context photos every time there is an article with the words “Nissan” “Renault” and “Ghosn”.

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    Well, he talked himself out of a job. He can blame only himself.

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    sharyn bovat whistleblower

    Many theories have been relayed to me on WHY this has happened. They fact is Carlos Ghosn puts more energy into staying in power then protecting the companies intellectual property. The NISSAN CEO is a master wheeler dealer and can get governments to throw money at him for “possible” job creation BUT making the product takes skill-engineering and by the actions of Carlos Ghosn of the last few years NISSAN is on the Highway to Hell…..

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