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In the spirit of our many posts (here, here and here) about the Hongqi Red Flag limousines used by the Communist Party elites in China, and our own Murilee Martin’s interest in limos from the former Soviet Bloc (here), we bring you the winner of a design sponsored by Russia’s Maruissia Motors and the website.


They asked for proposals to be submitted for an new presidential limousine for the use of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Yaroslav Yakovlev and Bernd Weel’s design for a new ZIL was chosen over more than 100 other contestants. It is called, simply, “President”. Russian and Chinese state limos have always borrowed styling from the West and Yakovlev and Weel’s dramatically styled car is no exception, with a front end obviously inspired by Rolls-Royce and hints of the Chrysler 300 and Cadillac Ciel concept elsewhere. No word on if it’s gotten the approval of either Putin or the ZIL works, which still produces about a dozen limos a year, in addition to their normal fare of trucks, armor and heavy equipment.

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