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See this Mustang up above? This is the Hertz Penske Mustang. While every other blog is going to talk about how awesome it is that it harkens back to the Shelby GT350H and how cool it would be to track one, we have every intention of doing so.

At $180 per day and a limit of 100 miles, this will be a pricey endeavor. But if we don’t do it, who else will? Here’s where you come in. Keep your eyes peeled for any Penske Mustangs at your local airports. If it’s within a reasonable distance of a race track, let us know. If JB ends up in your area to track test one of these cars, you’ll get to ride along with him for some hot laps. So far, we’re looking at a rental at SFO and then a drive to Laguna Seca, logistics permitting, of course.

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15 Comments on “Help Us Organize A Penske Rent-A-Racer Track Outing...”

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    When does Jack want to do this? There’s bound to be one of these somewhere in Houston, hopefully within reasonable distance of MSR. The commute would eat up those miles real quick-like. I’ll put up the rental fee if I get to go for a ride.

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    You may have to fake up a boarding pass/plane ticket receipt to rent one of these. May be easier to do a spoof on the phone or email. So it looks like you flew into town and needed a rental.

    You could do this for 2-3 days and trailer all the cars to a central location. Dunno if you’d be able to get more than one Rent-a-racer allocated to a single airport location.

    And for the gods’ sake take the insurance!

    I’m too lazy to do it, but you could map out a racetrack location central to the largest number of airports with a Hertz location within a 2-300 mi radius. Because you’re going to have to tow the cars if you want to get more than one or two cars on your racetrack.

    Figure out the racetrack length, number of miles, travel times and distances, etc. You could put 50-99 hard miles on at the track, drive 199 mi back towards the farthest airport and burn a AAA tow back to drop the car off if you got it trailered in from the airport.

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      I’ve rented cars from airports without an actual flight. It’s fun, and the agencies are open 24/7 there. The downside is they’re more expensive than ‘local’ places.

      Does anyone know what city these will be in?

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        Typically they don’t care, but Hertz was doing that with the Shelby GT-H requiring you to have a flight and not just be a local renter. I am not sure why, maybe the joyriders destroying the cars are the local folks.

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    Rental Man

    If nothing changed, Hertz will rent these vehicles to Hertz Gold Members WITHOUT having to fly in. They have done this in the past. They might even do it fot Hertz #1 club members that do not require a member payment to join.

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    Hertz says they will be available at the 15 airports that offer the “Adrenaline Collection”. JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark are all on the list and all ~100 miles from Monticello.

    Do it!

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    SFO -> Laguna Seca: 108 miles
    SFO -> Sonoma Raceway: 47 miles
    SFO -> Thunderhill Raceway Park: 158 miles

    So, you could do Sonoma with a 2 day rental and no trailer.

    If you have the budget there is also a place in San Jose that has a couple of spec mustang rentals. 1500 per day, but they do include trailering and trackside support with that :)

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    Hell yeah, sign me up. I live in SF, I’d be hella stoked to creep down the central coast in a penske stang. I know all the best roads and burrito stops for the trip.

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    You need to plan this around car avb. Meaning most Adrenaline collection cars in a given area, leaving you with NYC airports and LA/OC/San Diego area options. SFO only has SFO.

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    The adrenaline collection list is at .

    There’s one in Orlando, which is 71 miles from Daytona International, according to Google.

    There’s one in Phoenix, which Google has as 29 miles from the Phoenix International Raceway.

    For something different, the Salt Lake City airport is 118 miles away from the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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    Salt Lake City is on the list.
    which is only 28.8 miles to Miller Motorsports Park!

    this = maximum track fun for us

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    Miami would work too,
    Miami Homestead Speedway is 32 miles away from the Miami Airport, where Adrenaline Collection is offered.

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    if I was snarky – I would say you’d get one less lap in Miami…

    I am not snarky though

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    Not sure about nearby tracks, but I’m looking at one at the Hertz at the Marriot on North Meridian in Indianapolis.

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