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In a bout of severe wishful thinking,  Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told Reuters  that “Daimler does not expect the current spat between the European Union and China will escalate to include cars,”

Last week, news from China said  the Middle Kingdom could slap punitive tariffs on luxury cars imported from the EU, after the  EU slapped punitive tariffs on solar panels imported from China.

Today, China specialist Michael Dunne writes in the Wall Street Journal:

China, already angry about new EU tariffs on solar panels, will no doubt counter punch with an investigation into Europe’s lucrative luxury car exports to China.”

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4 Comments on “Zetsche Not Scared Of Chinese Trade War...”

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    Sorry Dr. Zietshe:
    You’ve lost a customer this time around.

    Put the goddamn fender flares back on!!!


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      For some reason, MB backpedaled on design this generation. They seem to be looking on past designs for inspiration. Maybe the financial crisis has something to do with this? The last generation S, A8, and 7 were drastically different from their predecessors. The current versions of each seem merely heavily refreshed and toned down.

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    Looks like china is getting a bit angry. I’d like to see this continue just to see what happens.

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    Daimler does not expect the current spat between the European Union and China will escalate to include cars,”

    In other related news, Reuters reports that a certain tea-leaf reading business is closing its doors.

    Herr Dr Dieter Zetsche twirls his famous moustache pensively, and relates, “Back in 2004 when we were comprehensively overhauling Chrysler, my wife met a fortune teller from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

    “Frau Zetsche was so taken with the process, she took up the profession, and a couple of years later after becoming adept at reading tea leaves, she and I incorporated our little company.”

    “Business was great in 2008-9, but has slowly tapered off to almost nothing since then, so we decided to end our family business recently. Besides, my wife now has a new hobby selling moustache grooming accessories that she wants to devote her considerable energies to.”

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