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Toyota plans to defend its electric title at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a tweaked TMG EV P002. The electric racer is currently on its way to Salisbury, N.C., where TRD USA will perform aerodynamic upgrades to the Radical-based chassis.


On June 30, 61-year-old Rod Millen will  attempt a new record in the TMG EV P002 at Pikes Peak.  TMG is using  an off-board battery-to-battery charger, because there is no reliable connection to the power grid at the race site. A 42 kilowatt lithium ion battery is mounted into the back of a Toyota Hiace,. and can quickly charge the TMG EV P002 even in places where there is no plug in sight.

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4 Comments on “Tweak For The Peak: Toyota Returns To The Hill With Updated Electric Racer...”

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    I actually like the sound electric racecars make. More subtle than the average V-unamit.

    But is it going to be quicker than the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak? Bets are on.
    Peug 875 kg
    Toyo/Radical somewhere below 1000 kg
    Peug 875
    Toyo/Radical 544
    Peug 882 Nm
    Toyo/Radical 1200 Nm

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    “A 42 kilowatt lithium ion battery is mounted into the back of a Toyota Hiace”

    Kilowatt-hour is the proper unit of capacity, or 42 kWh in the case of the above quoted sentence. Kilowatts (without the appended hour) are a unit of power.

    For a gasoline analogy, consider that you wouldn’t describe your car’s gas tank’s volume in horsepower…

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