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Porsche is looking to fill 1,400 jobs in for its expanded factory  in Leipzig, where the new Macan SUVlet will be built by the end of the year. A lot of these jobs will go to current Opel workers, says Germany’s Focus.

According to the report, Porsche received  32,000 applications for the 1,400 jobs, “most of them by Opel workers in Bochum, where the plant will be closed by the end of 2014.”  Porsche is looking for 1,000 workers and 400 engineers. Already, a complete Opel team changed sides to work in the new paint shop in Leipzig.

Changing jobs is more attractive to younger workers. Workers who have been at Opel for decades will make more money by waiting to get fired before the plant closes and to collect very generous severance payments of between $200,000 and $300,000.

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7 Comments on “Porsche Snaps Up Opel Workers...”

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    Seems sensible and will save GM some redundancy money.

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    Athos Nobile

    “400 engineers”

    That’s a helluva lot.

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      “400 engineers”

      If Germany is like the UK (I don’t know for sure), then engineers are publicly thought of as anyone with a skilled trade.

      When I spent time in the UK, I quickly learned that when I was introduced to an engineer, he could be a plant maintenance technician, or a plumber, etc. It’s like calling a nurse “doctor”, but it’s societal norm.

      In North America, when we think of engineers, we ask whether they are civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc., with pilots of diesel locomotives or stationary engineers the only real exceptions.

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      In my little tier-1 division we had 100 design and development engineers for 6 production plants. That doesn’t count the manufacturing, quality and testing engineers spread out throughout the different facilities. Each usually worked on a program of projects, not just one platform, as is the norm at the OEMs. It doesn’t take long before they add up.

      I still remember the picture of endless rows of drafting boards at Ford. By the time I started working everything was on CAD. Strangely (to me) tool design the last to go to computer.

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    32,000 applications, “most of them by Opel workers in Bochum”? I thought Bochum’s total workforce was around 3,700?

    If the system self-selects for younger workers to be motivated to move, Porsche is presumably getting attention from Bochum workers who are better educated,more adept with technology and perhaps more flexible than their long-service counterparts – just the ones they would be most interested in.

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    “the new Macan SUVlet”

    And Porsche keeps jumping the shark. I wonder what Ferdinand (not Piëch, but his grandfather) would have thought about this…

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