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Nissan closed  the year in America with U.S. sales up by 10 percent, but that wasn’t enough to please Ghosn.  Said the CEO today in Yokohama:

“China was not our biggest disappointment last year. It was mainly the United States. We were expecting a strong year. It did not happen. We postponed it to 2013.”


 Then, Ghosn calls up his EVP Colin Dodge to explain what happened last year in America. Dodge does not mince words either:

“We did not quite make it. We did not quite make the delivery targets, we did not quite make the cost targets, and we certainly destroyed our car flow, the reliability of our cars arriving at the dealers.”

IMG_3095Dodge booked it as a learning experience: “We learned what we were not very good at.” Now, he says, things are back under control. Mostly:

“This year, our carflow is in an orderly  way, we are now delivering the cars our dealers are expecting, with one exception, the Sentra. We have about 50,000 backorders of the Sentra, and that will come in in Q4.”

Ghosn and his Lieutenants all skipped the class where they teach the art of the spin. I like that.

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7 Comments on “Nissan (Red, White, And Blue) Friday: America Disappoints More Than China...”

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    I’m no fan of Nissan, but I’d be a happy investor listening to truthful quarterlies.

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    I am a big fan of Nissan. Bought a cube in 2010 and again in 2013. Sorry Carlos, I’m tapped out and you will have to wait about two years for more of my money. Just trying to match your honesty there. Attaboy.

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    Very average cars except for G37 and that’s a bit of a droner at highway speed. Not very good looks. That piece of reality seems to have not been obvious to Mr Dodge. In other words, cars to settle for rather than to aspire to. You could buy one and not even bother to getting around to telling your friends.

    Might affect sales just a bit.

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    The straight talk is refreshing, but his Leaf projections were crazy.

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    When shopping for a new car before Christmas, we test drove both the Altima and Rogue. They both defined “boring”. I do not pretend for a moment that my taste is thas market’s taste, but both of these cars seemed to me to be streets behind their competition.

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    You would never see this kind of honesty from a CEO of GM. Probably because they have an Obammy-mandated line to toe if they wanted their bailout money.

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    Wow, Ghosn looks like Mr. Bean in that pic!

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