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The revived Datsun may be aimed strictly at developing world customers, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a very web-savvy teaser as part of some obnoxious slow reveal campaign.

The next Datsun is expected to be revealed on July 15th in India. The new Datsun will be about as far as one could get from the 240Z and the 510; a 1.2L four-cylinder powered compact car, built to a price of about $5,500. Some would say that such a car is “pure” or elemental. It will probably make a Nissan Versa S look like an Infiniti.

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4 Comments on “Even Low Cost Cars Use First World Marketing Tricks...”

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    Now the whole world gets their chance at a “B210”

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    Can’t wat to se it. 11k reais for a brand new car? Cars have to get to 8 yrs of age or more to reach that level in Brazil.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I read that Renault/Nissan are going to build some of the new resurrected Datsuns in Northern Africa for Africa.

    Not much is ever stated about Africa, but it does have a vehicle market. The Chinese vehicle manufacturers are making inroads there.

    I think this is a smart move by the Renault/Nissan team. I hope it works out. The west has to devise methods to take on the Chinese manufacturers. The Chinese vehicle industry is going to be huge.

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