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The next-generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class, due in 2015, will be getting a full lineup of variants to help it better compete against the BMW 3-Series.

The next-generation C-Class will be built in Alabama, a first for a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. In addition to the sedan and coupe, convertible and hybrid variants will be offered, marking the car’s transition from M-B’s entry-level product in the United States to a more prestigious position in the lineup. While BMW outsold Mercedes by 5,000 units when only the sedan models were compared, the delta was closer to 20,000 units when all variants were included. But while BMW will offer a 3-Series wagon, Mercedes-Benz won’t be doing the same with the C-Class.

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13 Comments on “Mercedes To Expand C-Class Lineup...”

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    I had one of these as a (nice) rental recently in Arizona. Very nice car–drove beautifully. I was surprised when I opened the door to see that it was assembled in South Africa. So basically for US consumption they’re just moving production from South Africa to Alabama, not from Germany.

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    From what I’ve seen, if you love the look of an Accord coupe, you’ll be of fan on the C-class coupe.

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    CV Neuves

    BMWs 3ers have been upgraded to be what their 5ers used to be – and their 7-series has been exalted onto the sub ultra-luxury (RR, Bentley) level. Thus, apparently, MB wants to upgrade the E to former S-class (which is kind of deadish) – and C is to be the equivalent of BMWs 3-series.

    I see, that the German luxury manufacturers wish to displace Opel and Ford in the German market, and their opposites elsewhere.

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    Richard Chen

    Here’s an idea for bringing over a wagon variant: put it on Kickstarter and find out how many (or few) buyers pony up. No advertising needed, car blogs are all you need to get the word of mouth out.

    The manufacturer can post the costs for USDOT certification, dealer training, an adequate supply of stateside parts. Stretch goals can be the 6 speed manual, diesels, and brown paint.

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    I don’t know Derek, but in my book, a “a full lineup of variants” would have to include a wagon and/or hatchback.

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    In the US right now, there is no C-class wagon at the moment, sadly.

    Wagons sell so poorly here, plus people are far more likely to buy the GLK when there’s no competing C wagon.

    I can appreciate the ergonomic benefits of ingress/egress with taller vehicles, as well as their perceived larger interiors; but apart from that, you get reduced performance, efficiency, and less useful cargo space (especially in the hatch).

    I’m not a fan of this crossover trend.

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    Apart from offering a coupe and convertible, MB must also improve the quality of its product. It seems that on every mid-cycle refresh they are playing catch up with other players in this segment.

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    I drove a ’12 C300 4matic once. It was an utter piece of junk. It was slow, heavy and ugly. Everything about the interior screamed “you didn’t pay us enough money!” And this was a $40K+ car. I’m not a fan of BMW either but at least they have a sporty image even if its mostly on paper by now. This car was neither real luxury nor sport. I’m surprised anybody buys these at all. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot-pole and I’m well in their general target audience.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I don’t know what your definition of “passenger car” is, but the Mercedes-Benz ML and GL are already built at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant.

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