By on April 17, 2013

Mercedes-Benz is apparently preparing for a new line of models to slot below the A-Class, to better compete with MINI.

Reuters quotes the German news magazine Focus in claiming that

“The offensive is due to kick off in 2015 with an SUV that is even smaller than the new GLA compact crossover, due to be unveiled at the Shanghai auto show later this month,…A three-door model to compete with BMW’s Mini will follow in 2016, with prices for all cars to range between 17,000 euros ($22,300) and 20,000 euros.”

 It’s unclear whether the cars will be branded as Mercedes-Benz products or not, but they will slot above the Smart range. With one of the highest average buyer ages in Europe, small cars like these will be the key to bringing in younger (and less affluent) buyers for Mercedes cars – rather than buyers looking for their last set of wheels.
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15 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz Going After MINI...”

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    Big Al from Oz

    It looks more like Merc going after Hyundai.

    Mini’s are stylish.

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      altho i mostly agree with you Al, this time i have to say nay!

      minis are passé. but that A-class in the picture above looks
      handsome. i might get me one. soon.

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      Really, Hyundai? It bares more resemblance to the focus. But still a good looking car. I welcome the addition but I have to wonder if the premium subcompact market is truly that big. By the time you option them you’re back to 3 series/C-class/A4 territory, not to mention the IS, ATS, and maybe MKZ? It’s a lot of crowding in a market that dpesn’t seem that huge.

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      Wow. Just saw a Hyundai Mingtu pic.

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    LOL Preparing? In Europe, they are on sale since a couple of months now

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    First with the technology. Late with everything else.

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    Where I live, little Asian girls will soon by clamouring for their parents to buy them these (as they have with the Mini, and even the B-class)

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    Holy crap, did they simply graft a 3 pointed star to a Mazda 3 hatch?

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    They have my attention. The more small, sporty hatchbacks on the market the happier I am.

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    I’m sure the highways will be safer with more affordable cars, geared toward younger and less experienced drivers, that offer such limited outward visibility.
    Why would it be unclear that it could be branded as a Mercedes?

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    [email protected]

    “The offensive is due”

    “Offensive” being the operative word … that A-class is even-its-mom-looks-the-other-way ugly, so there’s no hope for a smaller vehicle saddled with the current M-B grotesque styling cues. In the Premium car market Jaguar has class, Audi has style, BMW has sport, Lexus is the default choice for anyone who doesn’t want to think about their purchase and even Cadillac is forward looking. I just can’t see a reason for anyone to buy anything in M-B’s lineup and an expensive, small, ugly car is not going to change that.

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    Didn’t they already try this with the C230? I thought that was a nice car, but that seemed to put me in a very small minority. And that thing pictured above is pretty hideous. I don’t see this turning out well.

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