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As with most harebrained schemes, this one started on innocently enough. But like a  Sorority President’s profanity laced email, the greatest K Car ever raced is making its way across America. Like the video reading by Michael Shannon, it is bringing all who experience it the same joy and probably more profanity.

But unlike those “awkward and boring” folks at the U of Maryland, it’s a known fact LeMons racers hold their liquor better than any college Greek could aspire to, but that ability spawns troubling ideas.

It all started here when 24 Hours of LeMons veteran Bob Mitchell had an idea:

We have this silly K car.  Ron is rebuilding the engine.  We are racing it at CMP for the season opener -an all girl team.  I have a vision of the K car getting passed around for the season.  It’s free.  Come get it.

 Race it and give it to someone for the next race.   It must be passed on to another team after you race it.   

 It has a title if you’re into that sort of thing.. 

 First come, first screwed.”

That brainstorm produced a worse more awesome follow on from Neal, a left coaster:

How cool would it be if the K Car showed up at every race or nearly every race across the country. Passed from one team to the next, one race to the next…”

It turns out, it is very cool indeed.

After competing in three of the 24 Hours of LeMons races this season, the K is still running strong.

Well, it’s running; very rich apparently. This past weekend Justin “psychoboy” Howe and his inexplicably patient fiancé loaded his Dodge Sprinter and drove from OKC to Rolla, Missouri, for the next leg in the wagon’s journey.

“I only get one day a week off work, and I spent it picking up a free race car…”

“…I’ve signed titles, I’ve handwritten bills of sale on a receipt in the rain, but I’ve never bought a car merely by accepting a single key living on a black zip tie…”

Read that story here.

This weekend, my good friend Justin and Team OK-Speed will deliver the K to Eagle’s Canyon Raceway. At the wheel will be team pit-mates; the bacon-loving, snake-oil-brewing Team Tetanus. If you have an iPhone or Droid you can follow the action live with this app.

There is still a chance to get in on this rolling piece of Crapcan history. Pay for a seat, or better yet, grab some friends, a trailer, and get some race gear. Or simply follow the saga here.

Again, Neal from the original bad idea thread:

“…I would say it seems impossible but, c’mon, this is Lemons. When it comes to bad ideas…NEVER GIVE UP!”

And they haven’t. Additions include signatures from all the teams on the hood and a piggy bank for donations. After the season, the K will be sold, donated or scrapped and all the proceeds from the whole endeavor will go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Rock on K wagon.

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