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Picture Courtesy Of Hampton.wordpress.com

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  • Re: Vellum Venom: Honda N600

    Ryoku75 - If you wanted one of these with more style thats where the Z600 came in, which was slightly smaller too somehow. You could have a mini AMC Gremlin or a Mini, Mini...
  • Re: Pullman Muzik

    Superdessucke - They should build the plant in Chicago where the old Pullman factory used to be. It would bring U.S. jobs, be historically consistent and the South Side of Chicago is...
  • Re: Vellum Venom: Honda N600

    Car Ramrod - Clearwater FL. If I see it again I’ll grab the number.
  • Re: Pullman Muzik

    Hidden Account Name - Yes, always Middle Eastern. OF COURSE.
  • Re: Cadillac ELR Sales Double After Price Drop

    FreedMike - Yep, it was a money grab, but the problem was they were trying to grab too much. I maintain this car (or one like it that isn’t necessarily a...
  • Re: US-Korea Free Trade Agreement Results Darken Trans-Pacific Partnership

    ccode81 - Love your comments, the quality is miles away from those easily bundling Japan and Korea together with stereotype image.
  • Re: Pullman Muzik

    Astigmatism - “I feel the Maybach was better looking than this, and even managed to have more dignity.” I agree 100%. This looks to me like a hack job stretch S-Class. I’m...
  • Re: Cadillac ELR Sales Double After Price Drop

    CoreyDL - “Oh God! They’re HAVING A FIRE SALEEEE!” – “I think I made the fire a little too real for them.”
  • Re: Cain’s Segments: Trucks – July 2014

    DenverMike - The base Silverado is at least tolerable. Monochromed. Just give me a V8, power group, and I’m good. Must be in black though....
  • Re: Will Hyundai’s New Crossover Spell The Veloster’s End?

    PrincipalDan - No Hyundai dealers within 90 miles of here but there are two or three Velosters in the area that were sold from the used...

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