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    Especially amazing once you look against 3-4 years earlier. The twenties styled car essentially died with the 1933 model year, the 1934’s were the beginning of streamlining. By 1937, an innate conservatism had started to take over (the Ford line was radically different, except for the senior Lincoln, from everybody else), and by 1939 someone who wasn’t a car junkie couldn’t tell the difference between one make or another.

    Just like today.

    1939, with the introduction of sealed beam headlights, the ‘3-on-the-tree’ taking over from the floor shift, and a general standardization of the four door sedan body style heralded the oncoming homoginization of the automobile, which would last until about the mid-50’s.

    It also wasn’t helped by the last of the ‘classic’ independents (Auburn, Cord) were dead by 1938, and the most radical design of the time remaining was the 1938 ‘Sharknose’ Graham. Which was just an overdone normal car of the day.

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