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For years, Greenpeace and Volkswagen were engaged in a low level conflict over alleged high levels of CO2 emissions. Now, both sides decided to declare victory and to go home. After announcing ambitious CO2 goals before the Geneva Motor show, Volkswagen had a sit-down with Greenpeace, where both decided to bury the hatchet.

Volkswagen CEO  Martin Winterkorn met Greenpeace Chief Executive Director Brigitte Behrens and told her:

“I guarantee that we will do everything in our power to reach carbon dioxide emissions of 95 grams without any reservations. However, this will only be possible if customers accept our advanced alternative powertrains. This is of course our objective.”

Behrens agreed and said:

“This is a decision in favor of climate protection and a key signal for committing to the protection of the environment and society and the series production of climate-friendly technical solutions. We will remain in dialogue with Volkswagen, also with regards to mobility concepts for the future.”

In retrospect, Volkswagen calls the war ” a constructive and in some cases also confrontational dialog.”

What I’d love to find out, but probably never will: Did Volkswagen finally pay Greenpeace off, or did Greenpeace decide to bug someone who rolls over with greater ease?

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2 Comments on “Volkswagen And Greenpeace End Warfare...”

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    Re: the last paragraph, what do your sources say? I assume Greenpeace will have just moved onto someone else since VW in Europe has a good image and plenty of money to defend themselves.

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    Winterkorn should have just told those commie turds to go stuff themselves.

    However, given the demographics of a significant section of VW’s target market (particularly within the US), I think he made the right decision from a PR/Marketing standpoint.

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