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When your offspring or young relatives present you with a poorly drawn picture of a car they made in kindergarten art class, the correct response for most normal human begins is to praise it effusively and hang it on the fridge so as not to crush their burgeoning self-esteem. Lamborghini went one step further. They put it into production.

The Veneno was apparently built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary and retails for a cool $4 million. Underneath, it’s similar to an Aventador; the 750 horsepower V12 and automated manual gearbox carry over. Only three examples of the Veneno will be made, doubtlessly destined for the Mall of the Emirates parking lot.

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55 Comments on “The Ugliest Supercar Of All Time...”

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    somehow I think this is perfect Lamborghini…they have always been a little nuts and ‘primal’ with their designs unlike Ferrari, which I always saw as more classy and less animalistic..

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    For some reason, this car immediately transported me back to the 1997 Chicago Auto Show, being introduced for the first time to the Pontiac Rageous concept. I encourage all to Google it.

    As a 13 year old, I thought that was the greatest thing ever. In hindsight, less so. Still have the poster somewhere.

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      I remember seeing pics of the Rageous when it came out. In hindsight, it looks to me like the mash-up of a 4th-gen Firebird and a Subaru SVX, with a bit of Mazda RX8 thrown in…. and still looks better than this Lamborghini.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Yuck! Nineties’ concept cars (and nineties’ cars in general were hideous). I’m ashamed to have been born in that decade.

      And yet still, the Rageous concept beats the Lamborghini Ve”no-no” by a wide margin…

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      I was really scared for the future of Pontiac when I saw the Rageous in Detroit and regained hope when I saw the Solstice concept. Looking up pictures of the Rageous now, it is not quite as bad as I remembered. The Veneno would make a mighty fine Joel Schumacher era Batmobile.

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    Is it Veneno or Veveno? Your article says both!

    Both of them sound like a waitress at Jack-in-the-Box though.

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    Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s fully assembled.

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      I hear rumor that there’s going to be an extra-limited run of the Veneno Superveloce with cf sharkfins, extra-large spoiler and aero-bits in the brake ducts.

      … … …Bwah-ha-ha! Can’t do it with a straight face. That thing looks like some kid who *used* to own a hopped-up Civic DX just hit the lottery and said “What can I do to completely waste all this money… I know! Lamborghini!”

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    George Herbert

    There are angles from which teh awesome on this car is stunning, and parts of the car that are epic (the body around the rear wheels and the intake between them and the door, particularly the one with the tricolor lightning stripe accenting that intake…).

    Those are bold and epic; other parts reach full metal baroque, and fail.

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    George Herbert

    Random theory… This car’s ultimate genesis was a ginormous FU to Ferrari, a crash project to put something crazy bold out the same day everyone would otherwise be covering LaFerrari’s rollout, and distract the press and enthusiasts.

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    They should have called it an Audi, as it reminds me of the similarly attractive R18s raced at LeMans.

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    This car reminds me a lot of some of the Hot Wheels toys that my kids have. It’s definitely unique.

    For my $4 Million, I would want the fastest car that money can buy. 750hp doesn’t really cut it for that price does it? Not when your relatively poor neighbor can outgun you in his Veyron that only cost a Million.

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    Agreed. Ludicrous. A cacophony of overwrought, tortured slashes and angles. So overdone that the few well thought out design features are completely lost in all the noise.

    Unwittingly, the above image presents the car from one of its only good angles and critically, from a distance. Ferrari’s got “La Ferrari” (worst name ever?) but with this, Lamborghini’s got “La Strega” (the witch).

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    Looks like something advertised in Kit Car Magazine 15 years ago. (Could have been in the issue that featured a how-to article on building a Pontiac Aztek replica using 4 sheets of plywood and a ‘71 Super Beetle chassis.)

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    The Cylons are here. And they have a plan.

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    Derek’s “say anything to rally up the commenters”-meme is getting pretty boring. Obviously, Derek got no idea about cars at all. Bertel should fire this guy pronto!

    for the rest of the commenters, here is THE explanation for this car:

    it’s Lamborghini way to test public perceptions of different design cues (that’s why there are abundance of them) so they can incorporate them in their next production cars (e.g. new Gallardo). and best part of it all is, some rich sheik gets to sponsor it all. win-win.

    now fire Derek!

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      We need a better reason. And you don’t know what the reason is.

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      In other words, tile the bathroom with every single tile on the display stand, sell it to some idiot with no taste and whichever tile doesn’t make the show customers throw up goes into your next project?

      No thanks. The Sesto Elemento was more focused than this, and even edgier in concept form. This thing just looks bizarre. Not quite kit car bad, but the matte finish definitely gives off that vibe.

      And yes, I’ve drawn similar designs back in grade school.

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    This is the wrong photo. The LaFerrari should be in there.

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    It seems currently that we are in a Baroque phase in automotive sheet metal fashion. This car incredible. It looks like every single element on the exterior of the car stands on its own, unrelated to any other. It looks like 10 designers were each given an element to style, and then stuck them all on one chassis.

    I can’t resist saying, “oh look there’s at least one design out there that’s more overwrought than the new Corvette”

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    “When your offspring or young relatives present you with a poorly drawn picture of a car they made in kindergarten art class, the correct response for most normal human begins is to praise it effusively and hang it on the fridge so as not to crush their burgeoning self-esteem. Lamborghini went one step further. They put it into production.”

    this may be the funniest thing I’ve read today. due in no small part to the fact that I agree 100%. This thing is almost cartoonish. I’m sure it’ll perform and they’ll sell every one they build, but it’s still garish.

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    Ron B.

    Any Lambo after the first Countach is just plain big fat and ugly …like their owners in a lot of cases.
    Mummy look! the emporer has no clothes!!!

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    Are you sure this isn’t the trailer for the latest Transformers movie? I keep staring at the thing expecting it to transmogrify into a Decepticon.

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    For that price I’d choose all carbon fiber and titanium as steel and aluminum alloys are so yesterday. And a long legged Russian female driver with advanced skills. And an engine that has 16 or more cylinders.

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    REALLY looks like the “achingly dapper” (—AB) Winkelmann is pushing hard to keep up with Ferrari. Jokey. A three-off sped every six months is not a new model. I knew that goal was unrealistic.

    Look forward to the new Gallardo.

    VW seems to be content in the position of lower end than Rolls-Royce and Ferrari.

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    If the Aventador is the first Lamborghini to be anywhere near an adequate stylistic followup to the ’73 Countach, this is how the Aventador would evolve to something aping the bewinged ’91 Countach.

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    Jeremy Scott would definitely get some overtime in on this one.

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    I still think the Gallardo (the “budget” Lambo) is the best-looking one, and the one that ages the best.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Yuck! It looks like it belongs in Transformers VIII. Count me in as a Gallardo fan which is the “entry” Lambo. I wish they would make a front engine RWD/AWD they have not had one in over 40 yrs and it would compete with Ferrari.

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    “Veneno” sounds like a Sicilian slang for an STD. “Doubtlessly destined for the Mall of the Emirates parking lot.” or the Yas Marina parking lot.

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    I think Vogue tires would be fitting for this NBA ‘must have’

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    The VW group pinched two Alfa Romeo designers whose back catalog includes the 156, 147 and the 8C. They bought over Giugiaro who has given us tens of iconic designs and then they come up with this :O Shockingly ugly!

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      I’ve never seen any of those listed Alfas in the flesh, but like the monstrous topic Lamborghini here, I can make a fair judgement on what it will look good on the street, and I really liked the design of those Alfas. Interior and exterior, especially the look of the GTAs. The 8c–wow. Even as a wagon the 159 was mean and smooth and beautiful.
      Maybe Mr. Giugiaro said, “I gave the Scirocco 40 years ago. For the anniversary, I give you this turd.”

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    Compaq Deskpro

    I love this thing, it looks absolutely bonkers and there is no doubt who made it. Put it into production pretty please?

    The LeFerrari on the other hand…MEH

    Very disappointing, especially considering the sexy camouflaged prototype that was spyed. No nosecone? Not calling it an Enzo II? WHAT?

    It just doesn’t stand out from the rest of the lineup like the Enzo did. The Italia is a more striking car.

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    I’m looking forward to a Mansori tuned version…

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    Is Lamborghini going front wheel drive or something? That front overhand his huge.

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    I this it’s totally badass! It’s half spaceship half batmobile. In a car that is the definition of excess, the design is completely appropriate. There nothing subtle about it.

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    I love it. Lamborghinis should be crazy, type A and unabashedly appealing to a 9 year old. If that BMW 42 wheel kid had written it as a Lambo, Lamborghina should have actually shown it at Geneva rather than BMW just giving a sketch.

    I love the Muira, but let’s be honest: Since the Countach, Lambo’s are not about being reserved. Buy a McLaren if you disagree.

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    Lamborghini. Single-handedly keeping the carbon fiber industry solvent.

    (I don’t see what all the fuss is about, it’s not ugly, simply over the top. Were it not for the Veneno, the supercar offerings would have been limited to a tarted up 458 on the Ferrari stand and the not-a-concept-anymore P1 on the McLaren stand. Good for you, Lambo, keep stirring that pot.)

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