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Audi’s global deliveries were “clearly lower” than in January, Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler told Reuters reporter Andreas Cremer in Geneva. Audi’s global sales were up 16.3 percent in January.  There won’t be a minus said Stadler, even while fighting the lunar calendar, Audi will report a single digit plus.

Audi’s numbers won’t be the only ones that won’t look as good as the month before.

Reporting the January numbers, Volkswagen cautioned that “the sizable increase in China” was “due to the later date set for the Chinese New Year.” The company warned that “for February, we expect a decline in deliveries in China as a result of this special effect.” Make that a serious decline.  Most of China was closed in February.

When Volkswagen reports group numbers later in the month, they definitely will be affected by China’s New Year, those of the Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle brand more so than those of Audi.

28 percent of Audi’s global sales were in China last year. Volkswagen Passenger Cars has a 38 percent exposure to the vagaries of the Chinese New Year.

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9 Comments on “Chinese New Year Affects Audi, Will Hit Volkswagen Even Harder...”

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    Hard to shed a tear for the company who just declared a profit of almost 20 billion euros, 25% up from last year.

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    Audi must be doing amazingly well if they can still grow in February even with the new year issue. Especially when not just VW but other companies like Toyota have double digit losses.
    China just needs to have a fixed new year to simplify things!!

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      Much of the credit goes to the US, where Audi was up 27.5% over last Feb (their 26th consecutive record-breaking month).

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    Must be an old picture, as it’s been a while since any Audi had a practical grille on it.

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    I get the brotherly brand competition, but isn’t this like saying “Buick is outselling Chevy”? Don’t all Audi’s, Volkswagen’s, Porsche’s, Bentley’s, and Lambo’s all share the same ownership (and probably many parts)?

    If I’m correct, it sounds like the “family” is doing well in China.

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      “Don’t all Audi’s, Volkswagen’s, Porsche’s, Bentley’s, and Lambo’s all share the same ownership (and probably many parts)?”

      I know that for some models, Audis, VWs, Porsches, and Lambos could share a Bluetooth unit. But that’s probably not a common occurrence. I don’t think it’s as aggressive as GM’s or Ford’s parts bin sharing several years ago.

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      Waterview –

      Back in the day (10-20 years), many Audis were based on VW platforms. Case in point was the B5 A4 and B5 Passat.

      Audi now uses their own architecture kit called MLB (for longitudinal engines) and Volkswagens is called MQB (for latitudinally mounted engines). These are not chasses in the traditional sense, but modular kits that are almost infinitely adaptable and flexible.

      As far as common components, you are likely to find similar things like Bluetooth modules, some wiring harnesses, possibly even some similar stamped structural components and HVAC equipment, but those are all very limited. Otherwise the companies operate very separately with their own factories, suppliers, marketing, sales, assembly, engineering, etc. teams.

      But yes, point taken: the ‘VW family’ is doing pretty well these days.

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    Why is Ford wasting time with introducing the Lincoln name plate in China? For that matter why does Ford even waste any money on Lincoln at all? Its obvious that Lincoln is about as useful as Mercury was in its final days.

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    If VW China were a bit more shrewd, they’d throw in a military license plate with each new car. Then, Audi’s would be flying out the showroom faster than Li Shuangjiang’s kid can get arrested.

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