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The world’s ugliest car, the Ssangyong Rodius, has gotten a new mug for 2013. Possibly the least anticipated debut at next week’s Geneva Auto Show, the pedestrian-friendly front end takes away some of the visual harshness of the former Middle Eastern minicab of choice, but the trademark inverted-triangle rear window remains. There’s plenty of forbidden fruit available elsewhere that we are not privy to. Some are worth coveting. This product isn’t one of them.


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7 Comments on “2013: A Ssangyong Oddity...”

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    When shopping for my last car purchase in Manila, I stopped at the Ssangyong showroom and had my picture taken with their line-up. My friends back in the States could not believe how much ugly was in that pic…I have always wondered if they meant the cars, or…naaa…

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      I’m studying Russian in Kyiv right now and theyre everywhereeee. Well, not really, but I’ve seen a surprising amount of them. I looked at the wiki and I think I’ve seen every SUV theyve made, including one with loud badging proclaiming that they were part of the Ssangyong owners club.

      TTAC, can we get a review of one of these? Are these things any good? Who buys these things? How is this company still in business?

      I’m kind of beginning to realize that I love these guys, in the same way that I love the Pontiac Aztek and people with distinctively bad taste.

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    The world’s ugliest car has to be the Nissan Joke. (Misspelling intentional.)

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    Well, the styling has definitely moved from Margaret Cho up to Minnie Driver.

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    Aw, they ruined it! The old front end was the only distinctive part worth keeping. I guess it’s cheaper than changing everything from the windshield back, but it’s like taking the satin ribbon off a pig and replacing it with a plastic bow tie.

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      Agreed. The old one at least had an endearing puffy front end like an inflated 90’s Mercedes. This thing just looks like a poor attempt to make a Kia.

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    You know, “Ssangyong Oddity” is actually a better (at least more apt) name for the vehicle.

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