By on February 6, 2013

While the US won’t get the Suzuki SX4 any more, the flow of cars isn’t being cut off from Canada. Might we see this facelifted version of the SX4 (meant for the Chinese market) appear in the Great White North? The Canadian International Auto Show is only a couple weeks away, but we’ve got no indication about Suzuki debuting anything new at the show. Only time will tell.

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7 Comments on “Suzuki Death Watch 16: SX4 Gets A New Face...”

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    That it may be at the Toronto Show is interesting,not for me but our Mail Lady who delivers our Post every weekday has one of these Vehicles, I have told her about what happened in the USA, but Canada would be different, I expect she is very interested in what happens here. Her main compliant with her vehicle is the Brakes, it’s maybe her line of work in delivering the Mail to Rural Mail Boxes etc. Thanks for posting this article.

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    I don’t like the new facelift.
    I thought it was gonna be all new.

    I have nothing bad to say about my 2010 awd 6 speed, but the lack of trunk space.

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    When do we get to start the Mitsubishi death watch? I’m so over these crummy Japanese car companies.

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    Seems to me that Suzuki doesn’t want to mess with success as this is most likely the best seller of its model line. The Chinese market will keep Suzuki alive with a tried and true seller while the brand will slowly euthanise the SX4 as we know it in the frozen Northern hemisphere. Assume the facelift is a post-gap to keep Suzuki relevant while it retools for a newer model as it did with the Reno some years back.

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    I doubt Suzuki will die, they’ll just make bikes, ATVs and marine equipment.

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    India is Suzuki’s #1 market.

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    Everyone I’ve met who has bought an SX4 didn’t buy it for the looks, they bought it for the all wheel drive. They bought it because it’s the cheapest all wheel drive car you can buy, and I figure it’ll continue being the cheapest no matter what it looks like. Judging from the number of these I see on the road here (Edmonton) Suzuki would be crazy not to release the facelifted version of this.

    Which I think looks rather cute in a big nose kind of a way.

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