By on February 22, 2013

Do you want to set a new world record and get you name into the Guinness Book? Nothing easier than that. Simply build a billboard with more than 183,024 LEDs and measuring over 28.0 meters in length and 6.2 meters in height, thereby exceeding a surface area of 174 sqm, and the world record for the largest illuminated advertising sign (indoors) will be yours. Until you do that, the record holder will be Nissan.

As part of its worldwide brand campaign that focuses on airports, and that apparently tries to SHIFT_ harried flyers into cars, Nissan put the monster billboard into Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport. It shows the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. The Olympic sprinter, himself 1.95m tall, had to crouch to fit on the world’s largest indoor poster.

Bolt himself was unimpressed: ”I continue breaking world records, because that’s what I do.”

(Slow newsday at The Nikkei[sub]. Nissan released the story two weeks ago. O.K., we also overlooked it.)

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