By on February 4, 2013

As we all know, TTAC has an occasional thing for pink cars. So has Fiat. Right where I live.  Fiat delights Japan with the 500 Fiore Rosa (i.e. “Pink Flower”) limited edition of its Cinquecento.

A bit confusingly, only 150 of the pink babies will be available, only for a very short time and a very special occasion: For Valentines! The pinkies can only be bought from  February 14 through 17, yours for only for 2.2 million Yen ($23,600, incl tax.)  I already wanted to run out to buy Frau Schmitto-san hers, but she reminded me of two things:

She does not drive. And in Japan, the girls give the boys Valentine presents.

Did I mention that I love this country? I feel right at home, especially as it embarks on a flower power summer of love revisitation.

(Thank you, Gizmodiva, for the tip. However, it’s not $10,000, the yen has inched up a little.)

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