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Kia slipped their new Cadenza sedan into their booth in Chicago. Our launch invitation apparently got lost in the mail because this is the first time a TTAC writer has seen one in the flesh. Based on the Hyindai Azera the Cadenza isn’t the RWD Kia flagship so any have been drooling over. Instead it is one step up from the Optima and the only way to get a V6 under the hood of your Kia sedan. Fit and finish looked excellent and the sedan certainly strikes an unexpectedly elegant pose at Kia’s booth. I hit up the Kia PR folks for a tester and they have promised to deliver, check back for a review when that happens. In the meantime, click past the jump for the gallery.

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21 Comments on “Chicago Auto Show: 2014 Kia Cadenza...”

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    Sorry to be thickheaded, but where does this fit in? Is it meant to be a direct competitor to the Camry/Accord/Sonata or is it meant to be a half-step up? Trying to understand whose shelf space they’re trying to crowd into.


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    The chrome trim seems egregious…. but this is a fine looking car.

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    Thats a pretty good looking 5 series redo..

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    This launched in Detroit and I got to check it out there. Overall, I really like it. The tail lights are especially innovative in my opinion.

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    Overall i think it’s a handsome car. The front end i’m not overly thrilled with, though.

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    It’s relatively rare to see these out on the roads in South Korea. It’s cousin, the Azera/Grandeur, OTOH, is a dime a dozen.

    Though that might be due to how bland these things are and how undifferentiated it is from the K5/Optima. The Azera manages to be even swoopier than the Sonata in a muscular sort of way, but I often find myself having to check the tail lid to see if what’s in front of me is a K5 or K7.

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      This looks NOTHING like the Optima. It’s way blander and it doesn’t have the kooky candy-cane taillight cluster. The front end looks more like the Quoris.

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      When the K7/Cadenza launched in Korea, it outsold the Azera for a while, but when the new Azera launched, it retook the sales lead.

      Another reason for the discrepancy is that the Azera is a more common fleet vehicle in Korea.

      Like the revised front end to the K7/Cadenza (should have been what the front end of the K9/Quoris looked like), but the old taillights were better (the new taillights are just bland).

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    I can’t see this as being any larger than the better-looking Optima, and certainly not as spacious as the Azera. But looks can be deceiving.

    What I don’t at all understand is making an equivalent Kia for every Hyundai. It’s unnecessary. I don’t understand why this car is necessary, nor does it make sense for Kia to have a RWD Genesis-sedan counterpart. And if they make a Kia version of the Equus (which is bound to be the next VW Phaeton anyway–luxurious, but under-appreciated), then I’ll know that they’re just idiotic.

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      Huh? Of course it’s larger than the Optima and of course it’s about the same size as the Azera it’s based on.

      Kia already has a RWD sedan that slots in between the Genesis and the Equus – the K9/Quoris.

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      It’s cheap to make two of each and they have dealer lots to fill. A Kia dealer isn’t going to take one for the team and not have a main stream offering when there’s a Hyundai one rip for the taking. Be thankful for only two. VW would make 4 of the same car. BMW and MB almost make 2 of every car (a practical one and a non-practical one).

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      Yep, I thought, why is Kia making a Genesis.

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      Kia and Hyundai are just as much competitors and Kia needs large upscale or luxury sedans for the Korean market where such vehicles are popular.

      Also, the K9/Quoris already slots in between the Genesis and Equus sedans and it seems that the K8 (GT Concept) is on its way as well, slotting between the Genesis and Hyundai’s upcoming compact RWD sedan.

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    styling is sedate, but still handsome. Exterior doesn’t come off in photos as particularly upscale, the interior seems pretty nice. Maybe shoppers in this class who are turned off by the relatively adventurous styling of the new Azera and Avalon would be more into this.

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    This would be the car that all Benz and BMW owners would buy if Benz and BMW owners weren’t such badgewhores.

    Oh, wait, sorry, I just channeled half of the TTAC commentariat by accident. Damn broken seances.

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    This is another pleasant to drive, well-made, new car that I will never own, nor covet. But it will confuse me by looking like the other cookie-cutters currently on the road. At least it has a name instead of some numbers and letters. I’m starting to feel like my dad, “I dunno. They all look the same.”

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    I feel like ditching the chrome trim and some different wheels would really elevate the look of this car.

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    Kia makes a better looking BMW. But that isn’t exactly hard these days.

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