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TTAC reader/contributor Matt Fink generously photograph a whole bunch of metal for TTAC during the Detroit Auto Show. Here are his pictures of the C7 Corvette Stingray. I’m still not sold on the vents and the rear end treatment.

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53 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: More C7 Pictures...”

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    I don’t want to be judgemental until I see it for real but at first blush it looks like the Batmobile; too many hard angles with a lack of symmetry and balance.

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      All those black vents, scoops and slats would look better if they were body colored.

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        I reluctantly agree, but I don’t think the hood is salvageable.
        Just look how chunky the hood looks as it blends into the vent, which looks like something from Home Depot instead of the modern car it’s affixed to. That wall of red would be a ghastly sight if it was visible from the driver’s seat.

        The wheels don’t match the car. It’s as if they were pulled off an Audi, and not a hot rod Audi either.

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        1) I really like the looks of the new C7

        2) But the strakes/vents behind the front wheel wells detract from the aesthetics tremendously, especially when in a color that contrasts with the paint.

        3) And the vehicle seems bizarrely low to the ground, at least in the photos above (it could be the angle of the camera or due to some other issue that won’t manifest itself on the street).

        4) It looks best in neutral colors like metallic grey, for whatever reason (?)

        5) Many have complained about the rear, and the tail lights specifically, but I find the rear, the tail lights and the tailpipe arrangement to be some of the best exterior features of the vehicle.

        6) GM finally gave the Vette an interior worthy of its performance/price point. The saddle brown leather trim is very nice. I do wish their were more actual, analog gauges showing things like oil temp and such, but I’m a sucker for retro touches like that.

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      When can we expect a Vellum Venom of this by Sajeev??

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      I agree as well, I just like simple clean lines. I also want all scoops and wings to actually have a purpose, not just decoration.

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        What makes you say that the “scoops and wings” on the C7 don’t have a purpose and are “just decoration”? Every article I’ve read about this car states that every “scoop and wing” on it is for performance reasons.

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    The heavy contrast of the red/black combo (as I’m sure was the intent for NAIAS as an attention grabber) accentuates all the little vents & creases, which I think is a bit much in the overall design. In a black or charcoal gray, I think it would look much better. Otherwise, I like it…and I’m not a Chev/GM guy. The interior definitely looks higher quality than that of past ‘Vettes, and I’m sure that it goes like stink. They’ll sell them.

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      I saw several shots of the car in an understated grey, and it looked way nicer to my eyes.

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      I agree with IHateCars. I think that the Rocky Balboa color combo does not flatter this car. IF you get say white I am guessing you get the giant black plastic on the rear also. Looks like a black only car.

      Overall not sure if I like it and I am a semi-fan of the last one.

      I thought the interior was supposed to be much nicer??? looks cramped.

      Is it a targa?

      I test drove the last model drives super nice. Not sure. At first glance looks too Lambo-ish with all the edges.

      Nice time to pick up a C6.

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    I want to see it in other colors.

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      Too many angles and creases for me too, but let’s see it in white.

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      Here it is in the ten available colors; it’s a different perspective entirely but I like the non red colors better.

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        It does look better in non-red colors. Nice that they put one out in British Racing Green, cough cough, Lime Rock Green.

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        You can tell you’ve got a questionable design on your hands when the best thing people say is that they want to see it in a color that more effectively covers up its design! (^_^)…

        By the way, where are the fog lights? Or aren’t we supposed to drive this thing in the rain? (Fog lights are low to the ground for a reason…)


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      The sheer number of seams on the panels shows up too much in red. I also agree with the previous statement that the vent on the fender doesn’t look right. It’s too fast for the upright shape of the car.

      The rear end just looks like a messed up R8.

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    Land Ark

    Of course I’ve not seen it in person yet, but I’m not impressed with the interior – especially the carbon fiber (real or otherwise – I assume faux). It still looks cheap. The seats look more luxo than sporting.
    The weepy tail lights are tragic. And there is too much black plastic and I hate black wheels.
    I do, however, think they got the profile right. The only contention I have it that the C pillar makes it look like it is supposed to be a 2+2 instead of a 2 seater.

    The people complaining that it doesn’t look like the old Vettes/Stingrays need to stop. We need to get beyond making all future cars look like all old cars otherwise we’ll never get any new innovative designs. You know what Corvettes didn’t look like the previous Vettes? The refreshed styles of C1s after the first 3 year run. Also, the C2 didn’t look like any C1. Also the C3 didn’t look anything like a C1 or C2. Does anyone think the C4 or C5 is anywhere on the same level as the previous generations? It’s time to stop living in the past.

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      “The people complaining that it doesn’t look like the old Vettes/Stingrays need to stop. We need to get beyond making all future cars look like all old cars otherwise we’ll never get any new innovative designs. You know what Corvettes didn’t look like the previous Vettes? The refreshed styles of C1s after the first 3 year run. Also, the C2 didn’t look like any C1. Also the C3 didn’t look anything like a C1 or C2. Does anyone think the C4 or C5 is anywhere on the same level as the previous generations? It’s time to stop living in the past.”

      +1 Thank You! I am so F’ing sick of “retro”. Can’t anyone come up with a new idea already?!?!

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      Nobody wants to see a retro vette. People are complaining that it has no identity.

      C1-Looked like most sports cars of the era.
      C2-Looked like NOTHING ELSE, especially the coupe.
      C3-A flowing shape shared by no other car.
      C4-Also unmistakable as a Corvette.
      C5-A modernized C4 with styling cues borrowed from an FD Rx7
      C6-A edgier C5 with a blatant ripoff of the 360 Modena’s headlights
      C7-Aside from the rear, a thinly disguised, Ferrari 599. The headlights look so alike to the Viper, they are probably interchangeable.

      This car brings nothing new to the table stylistically like the C2-C4 models.

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        +1 Crabspirits. @landark, you can take an iconic design and be faithful to it over the years without being retro. The Corvette up to this point has been iconic example of that, especially the C2 onward. Each generation is distinctly different from the previous, modern and contemporary for its era, and still unmistakeably a Corvette. This looks like a ghettoized Ferrari 599 or California Spyder. The Corvette never needed any apologies for its look and never needed to try to be something it was not. Although it hasn’t been around nearly as long with as many generations, I think the new Viper does a much better job of updating while still staying true what has become another iconic car design. The Nissan GT-R, arguably starting with either the R31 GTS-R or definitely the R32 GT-R, is another car that comes to mind for me.

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        Land Ark

        I agree with what everyone is saying about keeping an identity while innovating. But there is a large contingent of people who want the Corvette to be done up like the Mustang/Challenger/Camaro of today. That’s who I am addressing.
        If folks in 1967 had the same mindset as people today, the reveal of the C3 would have been plagued with people griping that it wasn’t a real Corvette, they had just completely copied the profile of the Lambo Miura.
        It’s a Corvette because the badge on it says it is not because it had round tail lights or pop up headlights for most of its production.


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    I love it, with the exception of the tailight housing. It looks sort of European, yet is unmistakably a Corvette.

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    The concept in gunmetal grey with the Ferarri tan leather interior looks understated and classy. The red and black show car, which has been making the rounds on TV talk shows isn’t that pretty.

    I still want to know if all new Corvettes will look like this, or is the Stingray a special model and mere 50k vettes will get decontented and an ugly body panel treatment.

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      Apparently the stingray is the base, which I think is a mistake — the Stingray should be an upgrade package. It should be aspirational. I should say ‘oooh, you got the Stingray’, not ‘oh, you just got the Stingray’.

      And yes, the rear deck/taillight vents seems unnecessary. Possibly throw it on the Z08 or whatever package if there’s an actual performance benefit.

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    doctor olds

    @IHateCars- Well put. The red/black treatment is severe, and it does highlight the impressive airflow management details. Too boy-racer’ish for some tastes, no doubt.

    The functional vents are just one element of the technological advances that make it a quantum step above the very good C6.

    The entry C7 Corvette approximates the outgoing C6 ZO6 performance, at entry C6 price! The miracles of modern technology!

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    Seeing some other colors would be nice. I’ve never been a big fan of red or black…especially together.

    A question….has there been any indication if the bottom half of the rear end can be had body-colored? On the gray car, it still appears to be black or carbon fiber.

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    In profile it looks ‘Vette to me. I guess GM isn’t going to mess with their secret sauce too much, and I’m sure a pile of 50+ dudes will buy them. Still, it doesn’t look like a supercar to me, nor does it look like a timeless design. Yeah, I’m sure it will be a hoot to drive but it just isn’t supercar awesomeness to me.

    Maybe it’s a generational thing. Growing up I saw plenty of ratty C3 & C4 Corvettes. They weren’t that big of a deal. But when you saw a Ferrari or Lamborghini – oh my god I want that. Then Acura released the NSX…timeless supercar instantly. Everyone in senior high wanted one. Still to this day I want one.

    The Corvette has never captured my imagination. Granted I’m in my mid-30’s and have lots of time before I’m in the ‘Vette buying demographic. That said, I think they need to get more radical to attract a younger buyer. As we stand today I’d much prefer to spend my money on a 15 year old NSX than a new Corvette. That new NSX concept looks pretty nice. Maybe in 15 years I’ll be buying one of those over the Corvette. GM take note.

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    Larry P2

    If the new Corvette just had a diesel engine that blows up like a Porsche engine, an interior designed by Jaguar, front wheel drive, and was built by Volkswagen, it would be a winner.

    As it is, it is a total failure.

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    I think the red/black is overkill, but apart from that, best looking Vette since the 60’s. Menacing as hell. I like the lines. It looks more like something that can go toe to toe with a foreign supercar.

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      Are you serious? Take a look at the exterior and interior of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or Lamborghini Aventador and tell me that your willing to say that again…


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        Are you serious? Take a look at the price of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or Lamborghini Aventadodr vs a Vette’s price. Comparing looks and bang for the buck, hands down the Vette wins.

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        When all else fails, people often fall back to price normalization. By those criteria, a Harley Davidson may be the most beautiful and cost-effective transportation you can buy! (Let’s hear it, bikers!)

        Yet, “slance66” did NOT say “It looks more like something that can go toe to toe with a foreign supercar, for the price.” Did he?


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    On the whole, I like it.

    I like the interior, I like the general theme of the exterior, I like the diffusor adding contrast to the rear. I like the combination of angles and curves. The interior is not mind blowing, but it is good enough for a sportscar.

    I don’t like the rear deck vent. One vent too many… front brake -ok, hood cooling -ok. (for those who don’t know, its definitely a design reference to their LeMans car) Rear brake vent? -too much.

    I don’t like square Camaro brake lights. But it might grow on me.

    450hp, 3200-3400lbs? Massive tires, massive brakes, competent suspension. Rev matching engine controls. Sounds good.

    GM doesn’t do much very well. But the Corvette since the C5 has been awesome; from design concept to execution.

    Congratulations team Corvette.

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      But that rear deck vent is also a reference to the Le Mans car?

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        Sort of…
        If they had stuck with the NACA duct instead of louvres, it would work better.

        The C6R hood’s cooling vent is also a kind of reverse NACA duct too. I think that the C7 hood as shown would have looked better without the louvres as well…. maybe. That might end up over using the NACA duct look (its already used on the front brake vents).

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    I want to know how many carry on bags and journalists could fit in the trunk please :D

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    It’s growing on me. I’m pleased with how bold they were in taking the design a little over the top. The last two Corvettes were a little bland looking.

    The vents do have to go. The one on the hood is particularly awful, even though it does technically hearken to the old original stingray concept.

    Sure would be funny to drop a handful of dimes down one of the vents on the rear quarter. . .

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    its perfect

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      I love every functional crease, vent, and scoop! It’s all right off the racecar. Including new things that they wish were on the racecar, like the taillight vents.

      I can’t wait to see the comparos!

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    “I’m still not sold on the vents and the rear end treatment.”

    Agreed on both counts. The black-on-red effect, which accentuates the former, probably doesn’t help; a black car or body-colored vents would probably look somewhat better.

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    While the interior is a huge improvement, you can still tell that GM let the bean counters at it. Parts of the interior: The switch gear, nav-unit, and the hvac controls look like they were lifted from the Malibu. Come on GM, this is supposed to be your halo car!

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    The car looks a LOT better in dark colors – the vent trim blends in.

    For your viewing pleasure:

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    No fog lights? The airdam needs something, anything to separate it from a ’95 Civic. And aren’t those Altima headlights . I can’t get past how cheap the front end looks.. Even a Ram Express gives you standard fog lights.

    Then they (the committee?) obviously spent way too much time on a back that should’ve just had simple and classic round tail lights with dual rectangular exhaust tips.

    Do over.

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    When’s the test drive & track test? I hope this one can pull away from a Boss 302???

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    Quad Exhausts, FOR THE WIN!

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    GM will never, ever “win”. The Corvette is a perfect example. If the styling was just an update of the C6, everybody would bemoan the fact the GM didn’t update the styling to a contemporary standard. If the look was too radical, people would complain that GM had gone too far. If the interior was improved significantly, then the complaining would be about the price creeping up.

    GM will never meet anybody’s expectations, ever. GM is now the permanent interwebz whipping boy.

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    This one has too much flair for my tastes but it looks okay overall. I’ll probably like the more basic models. I still like the C6 best – especially the Z06 – but it sometimes takes a couple of years for certain designs to grow on me. There isn’t a generation of Corvette that I dislike. I loved them all as a kid and thought the C5 and C6 were evolutionary improvements to the breed.

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    Awful color, I’ll wait till I see it in person before I’d say it was ugly or not, but it certainly looks like a squared off C6, with a few too many bodywork gimicks. I’m sure it can deliver when it comes to performance, but if I were to compare this rework with the one that was done on the Viper I’d say the Viper was done better and with far less presumption. Really at first glance it looks like something you’d see at a SEMA booth from an aftermarket custom shop not from the manufacterer.

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    I see a lot of other cars in the design. Hopefully they got the interior right.

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