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In the nascent contest between the Lexus IS and Infiniti Q50, the Infiniti appears to be in the lead. Full details here, thanks to our guest editor Mark Stevenson


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14 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: Infiniti Q50 Live Shots...”

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    That’s not the production grill right?

    I bet they couldn’t get the real one on in time and pasted one on from the SUV parts bin!

    I never liked the Benz CLS rear profile, and it doesn’t work here either for me. Reminds me of the old bustleback Sevilles.

    I need to stop watching these NAIAS updates. All these new cars look like crap and it’s making me feel like a crotchety old man.

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      I agree with the back. The overall proportions look great and I like the front, but the back looks a little rumpled. They should have gone for a cleaner look, but then again, if they had, we would probably complain that the design was too boring :P lol

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    Wow, the real version isn’t as good looking as those press pics…quite disappointing.

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      I’d have to say that Nissan/Infinity have long been the dowdiest of the near-luxury segment from the Japanese companies for some time, but now they’re clearly aiming to out-ugly Acura given Acura’s new, stronger zest for odd beaks and appendages.

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    I hope Infiniti returns to RWD with the new nomenclature. When I was shopping new cars last week, the dealer only had a single RWD model in stock, a $60K convertible, and refused to consider ordering me one.


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      So were the other Infiniti AWD? All Infinitis are RWD/RWD-based, save for the JX.

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        You would believe that Infiniti was a RWD-focused brand, based on all the car reviews out there. But when it comes to cars actually being stocked and sold, all are AWD, at least in the Northeast.

        The fact that not a single Sedan – let alone crossover — was available in RWD, and the dealer couldn’t be bothered to even order one, tells me that buyers looking for a performance sedan should look elsewhere.

        When I asked the dealer why anyone would pick a G37 over the TL, he told me “our AWD system has been out longer than Acura’s” That’s a reason?

        Five minutes later, I was down the road test driving a V6 RWD ATS, and very impresssed.

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    Freddy M

    What’s with Lexus and Infiniti pinching their grills like the cars just sucked on a lemon?

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    juicy sushi

    i’m not fond of the wheels, but the rest of it looks pretty damn good. Definitely a better looker than the Lexus IS on the outside, but I much prefer the interior of the Lexus. That Infiniti interior looks far too chevy malibu/hyundai sonata derivative for my tastes.

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      Agreed on the wheels and they look like they’d be a b!tch to clean. Otherwise, I think that they did a nice job on the exterior without going (too) overboard. The interior refresh is a little bland IMO, and I question the use of two screens although it seems that they do have redundant controls on the centre stack.
      I’ve always liked Infinitis, my wife loves her FX35, I just wish they’d smooth out the VQ engine.

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    This reminds me of a 2014 Mazda 6 with a different grille, especially the tail end.

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    This thing looks like the current Maxima.

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    Wow, that’s a seriously ugly car. Now Infiniti has borrowed the Lexus/Budweiser bowtie grill. Maybe the BMW 320i really is a good idea after all.

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