By on January 14, 2013

“Oh yeah, that’s my new BMW 428i sDrive” doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “328is” does it? Didn’t think so.


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34 Comments on “NAIAS 2013: BMW 4-Series Doesn’t Have Quite The Same Ring To It...”

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    I like the exhaust assembly across the back, it’s sorta cool in a USB port kinda way. But as for the rest of the car, stop designing it already! Too many little details – BMW products are going to age very poorly since they’re keeping this up.

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    Hard to imagine 20 years down the road in semi-beater fashion.

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    The styling is overdone and garish. The Germans used to take pride in subtle and conservative design elements–this thing screams cheap aftermarket add-ons and, as others have said, will age terribly.

    Early 2000s 3 series coupes and Ms still look elegant, the more recent Bimmers all look like they need to be put out of their misery.

    We’re witnessing the death of the brand as BMW tries to out-bling Merc.

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      Jason Lombard

      “We’re witnessing the death of the brand as BMW tries to out-bling Merc.”

      Couldn’t agree more.

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      Agreed with the older / middle-aged BMWs. E46s still look great, even as they are going past the 10 year mark. Coupes especially so and M3s x100!

      Don’t forget though, this is officially a concept, not the production version. Some of the details and exaggerated design cues will likely be toned down. The last 3-series coupe was still a handsome car and hopefully this one will be too.

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      old blue

      the front fascia is literally the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on a BMW.

      This is FAR uglier than Bangle’s worst nightmare.

      PS bought my first BMW in 1968.

      Will NEVER buy this one. Currently have 335is convertible.

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      I was planning to replace my E46 M3 with an F80 (next M3 sedan) at some point, but each new BMW product reveal is making me question the wisdom of that decision. There are certainly classic BMW styling cues in the new models, but they are overladen with extraneous detailing and gaping orifices, not to mention a horrible cutline for the hood. Lingering HPFP issues and lack of road feel with the new steering systems (not likely to make it onto the M’s) do not exactly inspire confidence on the mechanical front either.

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    I love the car and don’t have a problem with it being called a 4-Series.

    HOWEVER… What is BMW’s naming strategy for China?
    The number 4 is a very unlucky number and they say it sounds like death in Chinese. I know that the employees that worked for me in China hated to be assigned to the fourth floor, seriously! So this is not just a myth.

    Now what BMW needs to do is make an overpriced 7-Series and call it the 8-Series because 8 is the luckiest number to be had!

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      They used to have an 8-Series coupe (and of course have revived the 6-Series coupe), which is the why the 4-Series coupe is no big deal.

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      That’s a good point. ‘4’ is the Chinese equivalent of ’13’ in the West, but they are even more superstitious than we are, to the point that buildings often lack a floor 4, but also, 14, 24, … n4.

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    Wow, that fender vent couldn’t look more like an afterthought if they stuck a chromed pep-boys wart on there

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    While “sdrivexxx” and “xdrivexxx” are technically part of the model names, no one in the BMW world actually uses them. I have no problem with “428i” or “435iX” any more than “640i” or “650i”. Makes it simpler really, you know it is a coupe or a convertible.

    I am guessing (and hoping) that this is the M-sport version and the regular one will be less blinged up.

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    Looks like M and AMG have commissioned their bumper designs to the guy heading Kia’s design (who ironically I think used to work for Audi)

    This car, like all Bimmers, makes more sense if you add 2 numbers to the series. This is a hell of a 6 series. 6 is a hell of an 8 (though it needs a V12). Etc. Its too big for me though.

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    428 sounds cool enough, just add ‘Cobra Jet’ at the end….Not a bimmer fan, and it doesn’t look like they’re even trying to convince me….

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    If BMW offers the 1.5 liter turbo 3 in this, and gives it a displacement bump in the naming to reflect the turbo (just like a _28 is a 2 liter turbo), it could be a BMW 420i. Perfect for socal stoner trust fund kids. Check out my new 420 brah, get it, 420.

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    Closed off kidney grills? What’s next a kink etched in the coupe profile glass. As cars get further away from form following function, BMW looks more and more likely to be seen as a pastiche.

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    Looks good, especially the interior colors. I don’t know why anyone cares what they call it.

    The tires look like an elastic wrapped around a 20″+ wheel. Either BMW somehow has no idea roads most everywhere outside Germany are crumbling, or they see new profit opportunity in replacement wheels. I hope those aren’t the production wheels/tires.

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    There’s nothing about this car that I like aside from the sweet, sweet, baseball glove interior.

    Everything about the styling is garish and overdone. I wasn’t a huge fan of the E9x series, but they’re classy as anything compared to this.

    The nomenclature is killing me too.

    Whatever happened to C=Coupe, x=4wd?
    Mix and match as necessary. I wouldn’t mind bringing back the S for sport models too. 328CiS anybody?

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    I don’t get the hangup on the 4-series name. I think it does have that same ring to it. [Not that I like any BMW names].

    Grousing about the 4-series name is similar to thinking all Porsches should have air-cooled rear engines.

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      “Grousing about the 4-series name is similar to thinking all Porsches should have air-cooled rear engines”

      It’s worth pointing out that there are contributors to this site that I believe do think that.

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    BMW, you’ve lost me. When they replaced the I6 engines with turbo 4s in the sedans, I thought, “Well, at least they’re leaving the coupes for those of us who care more about the intangibles of driving pleasure than EPA ratings.” It would appear not. It would instead appear that BMW, aware on some level that they’ve either lost the plot or deliberately given up on those of us who kept them in business for the past few decades, is trying to disguise the fact that this is less car for more money by covering it with shiny bits and changing the name.

    Everything from the trick, cheap leather to the stick-on fender vents to the cut line across the front of the hood screams that they aren’t even pretending to build cars that are worth what they charge anymore.

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    BMW 420 …will the smoker’s package be standard equipment?

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    The 4-Series naming scheme makes perfect sense when you look at the history of BMW’s coupes. The coupe based on the 5-Seires is a 6-Series (starting with the e28/e24), the coupe based on the 7-Series was the 8-Series. The 3-Series (e21 and e30) were 2-dr Sedans, not a proper “coupe”. Hence, it remained a 3-Series. BMW should have changed to the 4-Series with the introduction of the e36 coupe, but I guess these things take time in Germany….

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    Seems overstyled, and I don’t understand the douche swoosh on the fender.

    While I have no problem with it being a 4-Series instead of a 3-Series, I do take issue with this sDrive xDrive non-sense. What was wrong with 428i and 428ix?

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    I’m not a big fan of the 4-series name but really don’t care one way or the other.

    As for the looks, once again I am presented with a bunch of pictures that show what the car looks like only to a squirrel, cat or small dog up close, or maybe a person crawling around on the ground sneaking up on the car, so I will have to withhold judgment until I see the car in the flesh or find some pictures taken by someone perched on their legs. Interior looks cool I guess.

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    It will be a 440 too probably, not a 435.

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    When did Hyundai and Kia start designing BMW’s?

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    Numerical model naming is a science. Just look at how the MX5 creamed the MR2 in sales. I bet if Mazda renamed the Mazda2 the Mazda1, it’d start getting as much respect as the 3.

    Odd numbers are exciting. No two ways about it. Even numbers? Well, that’s tricky.

    1 suggests a winner, 2 suggests poop.

    A 3-some is exciting, a 4-some is a game of bridge.

    Everyone likes 5. 6 gets a pass because it’s twice 3. Twice as exciting.

    7 is lucky. 8 is octogenerian. Unless it’s V8, because V=5, and everyone likes 5.

    9 is thrice 3, triply satisfying. 10 is twice 5… and, well…

    …everyone likes 5.

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    I think it’s a good looking car and can’t wait to see one in person. Looks like a sleaker 3 series, which it essentially is.

    Oops, I mean blah blah Bangle, blah death of the brand, blah lease. Umm….soccer moms, Camcord, Lancia Stratos, MBMW and something about how I like turn signal stem in my Focus more. (Sorry, I temporarily forgot the TTAC commenting rules)

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      It’s like Rolex.

      40 years ago you bought a Rolex because you liked how it looked on your wrist. Today you buy a Rolex because you want everyone else to know that you have a Rolex. The design needs to scream extravagance and wealth. You don’t value a reliable, durable, automatic watch–you want everyone else to know that you do. Thus modern designs have gotten gaudy and cheap to reflect their trashy new customer base.

      BMW has always had DB customers who need to tell everyone they have a BMW. In the past, tho, you could love your BMW or be a DB about it–and it’d only be evident how you drove it. In our modern SUV crossover crazy status conscious car society, BMW thinks it’d be stupid not to appeal to everyone’s inner D-bag. And thus you have the 4 concept. The previous gen M3 with carbon fiber hood and neon green harnesses doesn’t look as terrible as this car does… or send the same kind of message about the owner.

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    When I first saw these pix I had thought that this was a cheesy tuner 3 coupe….I was flabbergasted when I discovered it was a factory concept. Those wheels and front/rear valance treatments scream “ill-fitting aftermarket ricer body kit”! I have always loved the 3 series coupes but I hate what BMW are turning them into.

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