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An Escape-based Lincoln crossover? Sounds like it would be a total snooze, right? Could be a lot worse. The 2.0L Ecoboost is under the hood and it looks fairly production-ready.

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34 Comments on “Lincoln MKC Concept...”

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    Way to go Lincoln! This looks awesome!

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    Nah, guess it’s ok for today’s market though. Guess they’ll sell enough of these if Americans feel like there’s some difference between it and Escape. I see lots of EcoSport there: lights, wheels, creases on sides, black plastic skirt. Probably not good.

    The only recent Lincoln concept that attracted my eyes was the compact hatch “C” IIRC. That would be a bold way for Lincoln to go into the future. Just sayin’.

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      I’ll tell you what the “C” means. It means the chances of Lincoln reincarnating the Continental nameplate, as so many TTAC readers have suggested, are all but gone.

      So sorry…

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      Considering sales of the RX, SRX and RDX/MDX – this should do fine.

      Still have issues w/ LMC’s new corporate grill design, but otherwise, the design looks pretty good compared to the competition (RDX and based on what the upcoming RAV-4 based Lexus CUV will likely look like).

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        I love Acura, but it’s like they just threw in the towel with that RDX. The way they fished its components out of the corporate Honda parts-bin is almost on par with what Old GM would have done. Honda had better do a lot better with the 2014 MDX–whose concept is set to bow this week at the NAIAS…

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    dumb name, looks like it was squashed from above, could probably use some door handles.

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    I really hope they show more than just SUV/Crossover concepts, or this show will be the worst.

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    This is the first attractive application of the new grille. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has been a hit, and this is basically the same concept, down to the shared engine. We all want a Mark IX or a new Continental, but this is what will sell (or if Lincoln is really going to become a luxury player, lease), if anything will.

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    This seems like a great move for Lincoln. Like the MKZ, you would really have to be a car enthusiast to realize it has a Ford counterpart, but *unlike* the MKZ, the styling flows seamlessly. With the exception of that giant one-piece HVAC vent in the center-stack (let me think: NO!), I say go for it.

    And if this becomes as popular and profitable as, say, Lexus’ RX model, it might just give Lincoln the capital it needs to make that super-expensive, luxurious, inefficient, flagship-model Continental reincarnation so many of you have been pissing and moaning about the lack of…

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    While Lincoln is still a dead brand walking, this is actually a nice design and the best application yet for the new cat-whiskers grille. Not bad at all.

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    Looks like a white turd. UGH!

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    Under the hood, eh? Where the hell else would it be?

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    I sort of like it, but there’s no getting around the fact that Lincoln’s “baleen whale” motif has evolved into a quaint moustache. How many people can identify with either of these things today?

    I thought Lincoln nailed the front end treatment with the original MKX and 2006 Zephyr. Why did they have to change it so quickly?

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    mulled whine

    The side profile is very similar to an audi Q5.

    It’s quite pretty. Way better than that droopy SUV/ wagon thing they are peddling at the moment.

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    Overall it’s smart, but it still has that Taurus/MKS “chubby, hippy, need-to-call-Jenny-Craig” look. Any way they could raise the roof and make the side windows deeper?

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    *yawn* Call me if it gets 285+ horsepower. Otherwise, no thanks.

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    Love it. Its athletic, appropriately upscale looking and they finally got the front grille treatment right. I think Lincoln will do well with this one…

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    That is beyond awful. It’s hideous. The exterior is a complete mess, and that D-post is MASSIVE. The interior is equally a mess with the failed MyTouchy system.

    This further proves Ford is not serious about making Lincoln something other than a trim level on a rebadged Ford.

    Ford doesn’t have a CLUE as to how to fix Lincoln, the mediocre MKFusion and MKEscape prove that. This thing above has to be an early April Fools joke…they cannot be serious…

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    I think that this is would be the best looking SUV on sale. Everything about that exterior looks great. The full width tail lights and I love that grill. Interior isn’t bad either but I would agree with whoever it was that pointed out the single center vent. I can’t say that I care for that.

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    It looks a whole lot better than the new Escape! Talk about a design mess! I’m so glad I bought a ’12 model…

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    el scotto

    Buy? Maybe. Lease? Yes. Lincoln nameplate *cough* badge whoring *cough* and Ford internals. That means not get butt raped by a German brand dealer for service and parts. Sajeev can bitch slap with the open palm of knowledge but haven’t Lincoln and Ford shared a lot of parts from at least the 70’s? Staying in focus; in black with leather, gotta go to corporate tomorrow. Howls will come from various factions of the B&B but really it would be a road warrior passing time in a parking garage. That’s my reality.

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    I feel like if it had any other badge more people would be complimenting it. I think it’s a great looking vehicle and starting to see a brilliant design language coming together. I thought the original continental grill style of the previous line up was cheap, ugly, and a half ass cashing in of brand cache. this would definatley be on my radar if I was shopmg for a car.

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    Too much metal, not enough window.

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    I know, people buy crossovers. Nevertheless, it’s a crowded market segment. Lincoln needs to do something to show they aren’t just another cookie cutter car, and IMO yet another crossover and yet another MK-Something ain’t it.

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    This would have been a great Mercury, it fails as a Lincoln. Fails badly.
    I understand how Lincoln drifted into Mercury when it was low man on the Premier Automotive Group totem pole, it wasn’t suposed to be the Jaguar or Aston Martin, or even the Volvo, because, well Ford owned those brands. Once those brands were sold off, I fully expected Lincoln to move back to its proper place.
    Ford pretty readily has ape’ed the Rover style it put in place for the new Explorer. It can taken some Aston cues for the Fusion, now how about giving Lincoln some of what you lent to Jaguar and Aston in technology and image? Bring back Mercury for this warmed over stuff, and lets see a real upscale Lincoln with some leftover Premier Automotive DNA.

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      I think that you have the new Explorer the wrong way. If anything Land Rover copied the new Explorer in making the new Range Rover, which came up at least two years after the Explorer.

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    They included a full-length chromed coat rack!

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    Saw elsewhere that this thing isn’t projected to hit showrooms until 2016. Three years away? So, what, it’ll be a year and a half behind the vehicles it benchmarks by the time it goes on sale?

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    Seems like one part Evoque, one part Q5, and one part Infiniti EX, ahem, Infiniti QX50, in the styling. It’s a good segment for Lincoln to be in, and if they sell some of these, maybe we can get a flagship.

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