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Market share by country, passenger vehicles, w/o SUV

The island row does not make headlines anymore in China where people focus on the once in a decade transition of power. Japanese carmakers however still feel the pain. Two countries appear to be the winners: China and Germany.

Market Share Passenger Vehicles w/o SUVs
Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov
Japan 21.1% 20.0% 13.2% 9.0% 13.00%
Germany 25.1% 25.8% 24.1% 27.0% 23.24%
U.S.A. 16.0% 16.6% 17.1% 17.0% 16.97%
S-Korea 9.8% 10.3% 10.7% 10.7% 10.73%
France 3.7% 3.7% 4.6% 4.7% 4.30%
China 24.3% 23.5% 30.3% 31.3% 31.32%
Source: CAAM

Sales of Japanese-branded have rebounded slightly from their October low in November, as their share of the passenger-car market (not counting SUVs) rose from 7.61% in October to 11.65% in November. Sales are far away from their former market-leading glory.

Three trends become evident:

  • Chinese brands are up solidly.
  • German-branded cars are can easily take the place of Japanese in the Chinese customer’s mind, but can just as quickly lose the gains.
  • American, Korean, and French brands profit only slightly from the market dislocations.

And here the data for passenger vehicles including SUVs:

Market Share Passenger Vehicles w/ SUVs
Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov
Japan 19.8% 18.6% 12.2% 7.6% 11.65%
Germany 20.4% 20.8% 19.3% 21.6% 18.46%
U.S.A. 11.8% 12.3% 12.8% 12.5% 13.06%
S-Korea 8.7% 9.1% 9.7% 9.7% 9.78%
France 2.6% 2.7% 3.3% 3.3% 3.04%
China 36.7% 36.4% 42.7% 45.1% 43.70%
Source: CAAM

All data supplied by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Data reflect deliveries from automakers to dealers, not sales from dealers to end users.

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2 Comments on “Chinese Brands Continue To Profit From Japanese Woes, Germans Not So Much...”

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    Is July’s data representative of the market positioning before the China-Japan dispute? I ask because of the statement “Sales are far away from their former market-leading glory.” When Japanese market share was third behind German and Chinese.

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