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15 years after the launch of the Prius, Toyota has sold 1 million hybrids annually for the first time, with hybrids making up 14 percent of the company’s sales so far in 2012.

75 percent of hybrids sold were from the Prius range, with the rest coming from the Camry and Auris hybrids, the Highlander hybrid and various Lexus models. The Prius itself has had a banner year, becoming the best-selling car in California while also cracking the top 10 charts for cars sales in the United States.

Globally, Toyota plans to launch 20 new hybrid models by the end of 2015.

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10 Comments on “Toyota Hits 1 Million Hybrids in 2012...”

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    So, Prius V and Prius C were merely produced to game the bestseller charts?

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      Depends on your definition of “game”. It could (and should) be spun as giving buyers what they want: a smaller/larger version of the same successful package.

      Me, I’d be all over a seven-seat Prius V or a hybrid Sienna.

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      I don’t think this is gaming the system anymore than Ford games it with “F-series” sales combined for the entire range of F-150 through F-750 (or however high it goes).

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      No. They were produced to sell additional cars and they are wear the Prius name to take advantage of the brand’s sterling reputation among hybrids. Counting the Prius V in Prius sales makes sense because it shares a drivetrain and most likely is derived from the same platform. In my opinion, the Prius C should be counted as a separate model since it is similar only in concept.

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        That’s the way I see it too. And even if they were produced to game the system, they are successful. And most importantly, their sales bring revenue to the parent company.

        I don’t think the Volt Hybrid/EV can claim to do the same for GM or its owners, the US taxpayers. Last I heard they were selling each Volt at a loss to GM, its stock price, the IRS and the US taxpayers.

        Nevertheless, I think the Volt should remain available for that niche market, but I don’t think it should be subsidized by the taxpayers. The people who want a Volt can pay Fisker and Tesla pricing. For the rest of the great unwashed masses there is the more down-to-earth Prius line.

        In my area, Prius vehicles are like cockroaches. They’re everywhere! At one time they were driven exclusively by old people. Now I see more and more young people driving them as well.

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      “So, Prius V and Prius C were merely produced to game the bestseller charts?”

      They were produced to make money. Looks like a good plan. If they’d build them outside Japan, they might make more money. I’m sure they’re thinking about it.

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    Vance Torino

    Too bad about all that money Toyota lost on that tinny 2000-2003 Prius. They’re pathetic. Real Americans would never buy such a thing.
    We need more Hummers!
    And more Invasions!

    What’s this about investing in the future, to everyone’s benefit?
    Thank golly us old white guys are the future!
    Can’t wait for President Romney to put us all in AMC Matadors, like we deserve!

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    I wonder if the 20 new hybrid models include Lexuses (or is that Lexii?).

    Offhand, I have trouble thinking of 20 models that would be viable candidates otherwise – not that I follow overseas Toyota products that closely.

    They don’t bother to make a RAV4 hybrid for over here, which is the model I’d be most interested in, and they’ve been talking about a hybrid Sienna forever. Maybe they’ll base a new GX on a highlander platform and thus make a hybrid version of that.

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