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Labor leaders in South Korea are scrambling to convince GM to retain production of the Chevrolet Cruze in South Korea, though GM says that the move to 5 global facilities is a done deal.

The Cruze accounts for between 50 and 60 percent of the 260,000 vehicles made at GM Korea’s Gunsan plant. A new Cruze is expected to hit the market in 2014, and the new model is expected to be built in Europe, the United States and other locations across the globe. European production of the Cruze will be an important step for GM to help ease some of its overcapacity problems.

South Korean union workers have used strong rhetoric when discussing the Cruze’s future, stating that it is the “lifeline” of the Gunsan plant (GM has two other plants in Korea) and that “…it [GM] will face enormous resistance…” from workers if Cruze production leaves South Korea.

With an all-new model due at the end of 2014, GM is exploring other options including “…continuing to produce the current Cruze model.” Hmm…

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10 Comments on “South Korean Unions Urging GM To Keep Cruze In Korea...”

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    Let’s hope that GM will see the wisdom in moving Cruze, and other production, OUT of South Korea and to more appreciative areas like Europe.

    This is a great opportunity for GM to reward the South Korean unions for the instability and unrest they created in the past.

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    So, the European unions are going to get militant unless GM brings the Cruze to Europe. And the ROKoreans are going to get militant unless GM keeps the Cruze in ROKorea.

    Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

    Well, I’ll be damned.

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      Yeah but the Euro unions won’t try to burn down a plant if things don’t go thier way. Unless GM is selling cars in SK, because they are building them there, then by all means continue, if not, screw it, shut it all down, there’s alot of other countries in that region that do buy GM products and would probably buy more if built locally. Does anyone know GM’s sales #’s in Korea?

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      If the Koreans burn down a plant that doesn’t produce any cars, does it make a noise?

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    I want to know which of the factories make the employees look clean cut and wear matching golf shirts

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    Let them eat kimchi (and while they’re at it, they should give me some too for my bulgogi and soondubu, yum). Financially it makes a lot more sense for GM to make the Cruzes elsewhere.

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    I wonder if GM has plans for another model to be produced in South Korea or is it just idling that plant capacity permanently.

    Does producing anything in South Korea hold benefits over say, Thailand or Vietnam?

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    The “new” Cruze to be built elsewhere, but the “old” Cruze to continue to be built in Korea? GM has done something like that before, but the “new” model had a new model name, while the “old” model with the old name was the stripped, advertised loss leader for dealers who could talk customers into going upscale, the stripped model destined for future fleet sales. That would hold off Korean plant smashers for awhile, maybe until there’s enough money for a new model to keep the Koreans busy. It just might work, but what would the “new” Cruze be called – Cavalier? Celebrity? Chevelle? (assuming they stick with the letter C).

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