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Nissan showed technology that protects both walls from cars, and drivers from their own stupidity lack of judgment. Sonar devices in the front and rear of the car detect hard obstacles. If the system decides that the driver is about to hit the wall, the computer cuts the gas and applies the brake.

Yesterday, Nissan was confident enough in its system to load journalists into a car, which then was driven into a wall erected in the parking lot of a Yokohama soccer stadium. The computer prevented harm to car, wall and fourth estate. The system also should prevent low speed collisions in garages and during traffic jams.

The system will first be optionally available in the new Elgrand minivan, which will go on sale in Japan on December 13.

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19 Comments on “Nissan Technology Protects Walls...”

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    What if I actually want to hit the wall (or push the car in front of me)?

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    “the computer cuts the gas and applies the brake.”

    This makes me think of six letters:

    WTF?! HAL?!

    But I guess that’s generational humor.

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    This should be a mandatory future on all Buicks, Cadillacs, and Lincolns. Old people have destroyed enough drug-store windows in this country.

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    So does the ability to “detect hard obstacles” include an ability to detect children and pets?

    I’m guessing it would easily sell to those who prefer to let technology do their parenting for them. I mean, being responsible is so last century, you know…

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    The implications of this are interesting.

    One, if universally adopted tech like this could force some kind of car-lenth-per-mph-per-weight structure on highway traffic.

    Two, if not universal, early adopters will become victims of those without it (and filling their RVM). Kind of like unilateral disarmament or green initiatives.

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    Darth Lefty

    Is this why you guys cut back on distracted-driving legislation coverage? Because it’s not going to matter pretty soon?

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      Just a hunch but I’m betting most distracted driving legislation hasn’t been pushed lately because all the politicians were too busy out there begging for votes.

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    My wife could use this feature on her side view mirrors (sshhh!!!! You didn’t hear me say that!).

    My sister & most of the other women I know would find the complete system extremely useful (ssshhhhhh!!!!! I’m not judging -yes I am-).

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    Sorry, Guys….

    I think this is nonsense.

    But I do have a great idea of detecting a a wall: why don’t you get off texting and look out the windshield once in a while… (^_^)..

    Maybe we can even let up on the gas, turn the steering wheel, and/or apply the brakes all by ourselves…


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    Wow. Look at all the “grumpy old man” rants.

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      Remember: Jalopnik did a survey among their more traveled readers, and found that America is the 4th worst country on this planet for driving competence. Things like this wall device aren’t going to help people wake up and maintain continued awareness, alertness, diligence, and responsibility.

      I was taught both hands on the wheel, scanning eye patterns out front, and the continual planning of stopping distances (in car lengths!) and escape routes. If that is old-fashioned, then so be it.


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    Enter male chauvenist comments…. here. This tech would be the savior of all the shiny new small SUVs and Chryco battlewagon minivans I see all scarred up.

    How on earth these soccer mommies back into things in a tiny Escape or RAV4 etc I will never understand.

    Why I park my truck on another planet wihen going to the mall.

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      “Why I park my truck on another planet wihen going to the mall.”

      I don’t go to malls for that very reason. With my bright new shiny Frontier, I would have to be medicated to do so. And I can’t even tell where I would park the Z4 (avatar above) in ANY public environment.

      (Wasn’t there some mayor of a small German town who had oversized parking spaces installed for the women drivers in his area? Instead of drawing the ire of feminists, he got letters thanking him for the realism and convenience. But that’s there and this is here. Well, you wanted a male chauvinist comment, so now you have one.)


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