By on November 28, 2012

Dan Sloan, since May 2011 Editor in Chief and General Manager of Nissan’s Global Media Center at the Nissan Global HQ in Yokohama, can celebrate his big breakthrough. The former Singapore Bureau Chief of Reuters landed a YouTube blockbuster.

The Nissan Newsroom documentation of a wish come true for the owner of a Nissan Serena MPV garnered nearly 300,000 YouTube views in one week.

The plot: A husband throws an open-air party to his wife to commemorate their 11th wedding anniversary.

Beginning with a new marriage proposal, the music and dancing quickly follow with 74 friends and family from ages 3 to 67 joining the performance. The wife is floored and agrees to stay married,

Says Sloan: “Not quite the 835 million views of Gagnam Style, but a happy surprise.”

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6 Comments on “Nissan Lands A Blockbuster. On YouTube...”

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    Oh, to be a short, slender Asian guy…. all vehicles would seem HUGE to me.

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      You can’t imagine how it feels to be among hundreds of millions of them …

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        My brother travels to China frequently. They frequently take pictures at the business meetings. You can ALWAYS find him in the picture.

        At 5’6″ (168 cm) he stands head and shoulders above his hosts.

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        I remember the late 80’s at the UW-Madison when mainland Chinese students began showing up in noticeable numbers. I was frequently surprised in checkout lines at the bookstore or TYME machine by these tall, rude Asian guys butting into line and shouldering people aside. My intro to people from the PRC.

        Are the Chinese you’re encountering still on the small side? I know the video is in Japanese and the guy is the standard 5’7″ Japanese engineering norm. But I thought PRC city-dwellers were pretty much Western-sized by now.

        From your posts I’ve read, I gathered you spend more time in China than Japan now. Maybe that’s wrong.

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    juicy sushi

    My wife is Japanese and stands 5’7″ or so. She towers over just about everyone else when we go back to Japan, although both her borther and sister are even taller than she is.

    I’m glad this video is a bit of a hit as it was a great idea to do. It’s cute, silly and charming. All in all, well done.

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    Very sweet – Nissan did a very nice thing putting this together.

    Now I just need to make sure my wife never sees this video – might raise her expectations for our next anniversary a bit too much.

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