By on November 29, 2012

Part Fiat 500C and part GMC Envoy XUV, the Volster C3 rolltop concept has a rolling canvas roof (like the Fiat) designed to help make it easy to carry tall objects (like the XUV). The roof can roll two ways, away from the cargo area to carry tall objects, or away from the passengers to help get some sunshine on their heads. Underneath, it’s all Veloster Turbo mechanicals.

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12 Comments on “Hyundai Veloster C3 Rolltop – The Korean Cabrio: 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show...”

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    The owner: “Well I went down to the beach but I left my towel on top of the car. Then when I came back, someone had stolen one of my wheels and replaced it with one that didn’t match! My iPad is gone too since I left the tailgate down to hold the bike.”

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    Domestic Hearse

    And just to shore up the vehicle’s hipster cred, we added the obligatory fixie bike equipped with, of all things, a tri carbon rear wheel. And, oh look, same as the car.*

    *Trying too hard.

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    The wheels color looks like Bianchi Celeste Green, which would make more sense if this were a Fiat.

    First glance at the title, I thought Hyundai had a vehicle named the trollop. Not enough coffee, too much dyslexia.

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    Will the fact that the car doesn’t have 4 matching wheels effect the vehicles trade in value?

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    Oh, those whimsical Koreans!

    Should be a structural disaster based on that chassis. Can’t understand why Hyundai can’t make a small car platform that doesn’t have the shakes on bad pavement, or suspension of some quality. Sonatas that don’t steer straight (check out C/D’s long term test) and Elantras made out of cookie-tin lids. Great shutlines and telescoping steering wheel adjusters, though! Gotta give credit where’s it’s due.

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    Where do you stand when putting the bicycle in or taking it our of the cars because that tailgate looks to be in exactly the place you would need to stand. Awkward? What about shopping bags?

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    Mr Nosy

    Hyundai + Art Center Grad + bong hits + Premium Rush DVD = This turntable occupier thing.

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