By on November 30, 2012

Next up in the “we couldn’t make this shit up” category – PSA and Citroen were hit by strikes after workers were called out for being unproductive.

Reuters managed to report the details with a straight face

A single production line at Peugeot’s Aulnay plant on the outskirts of Paris, slated to be closed in 2014 at the cost of 3,000 jobs, ground to a halt after five workers were summoned for lack of productivity, a representative of the CGT union said in a phone interview.

The story of the Aulnay plant and its social implications for France is one of the more fascinating intersections between politics and automobiles. Meanwhile, Renault had two factories hit by job actions after it asked workers to agree to a series of moves that would bring French production costs in line with those in Spain.

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6 Comments on “French Workers On Strike, News At 11...”

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    what do you expect? French blue collar workers steadfastly believe the government should entitle them to a job for life and retirement thereafter.

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      Yeah, and that’s the same way that America is going!


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      It has been more or less like that for many decades, it may not be necessary to end it now, perhaps it can be prolonged for a while.
      Shame communism disappeared, if it were still around the world wouldn’t be this competitive.

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      What do YOU expect? Is there a law that states that the errors of overpaid & under-performing owners/executives have to be shouldered by those who have no influence at all?
      I’d recommend that we introduce seppuku/harakiri as the correct way for failing executives/politicians to get off of our minds with style.

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    Stereotype of French worker, will go on strike at the drop of a hat. Stereotype of union, protector of lowest quality worker. Sometimes stereotypes fit.
    Is it any wonder that so many European companies look at Turkey or North Africa the way American companies look at Mexico?

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    Not bad. It only took 5 replies this time for the union bashing to begin.
    Some day you’ll understand that unionism and entitlement are not interlinked.

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